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03 Main Steps To Set Up Email Marketing Campaigns

We all know that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram always lead, but it might be surprised after knowing that there are three times more email accounts that exist as compared to Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, email increases the chances to get a click-through response from visitors.

Apart from personal use, email plays a vital role in growing one’s business. Studies and research suggest that email has the highest ROI in terms of marketing. None of the business can proceed further without creating an email campaign. And, in most cases, they don’t have the idea of what to do? How to do? And so on.

Setting up email marketing campaigns is not so straightforward, like doing profiling for an email account, and then sending mail from it.

Before blindly jumping in the head, it’s advantageous to take out time for determining your future goals. Your goals must include questions such as, what do you want to achieve? What is your target audience? To whom you aim to convert into leads?

Email marketing has the proud tag of being the most powerful marketing tool to reach your targeted audience without spending much time, effort, and money.

As you have now set your goals, it’s time to build your email list. This step is to remove unnecessary contacts from your list and let you send an email directly to your potential customers. See these two methods of building an effective email list.

  • Import a list from your existing contacts.

From your existing contacts, you need to remove those who are non-responsive for a long time. Apart from that, eliminate adding recipients in your list who are no more interested in your offers. Frankly, send emails to the recipients who are expected to respond to your call to action and want to buy products similar to yours.

  • Create a new contact list from scratch

If you aim at targeting an audience whose email addresses you don’t have, then, start building your email list from scratch. For this, you will need to collect leads by providing subscription opportunities. Make sure to offer incentives to the visitors, otherwise, they are not going to join your subscriber’s list.

There are different types of an email marketing campaign that you need to choose as per your defined goals in step one. Come on! Take a quick idea of top campaign practicable in business the most.

You might have noticed the pop-up appears whenever we go through a website, “Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?” A newsletter helps you in the accomplishment of the goal to stay in touch with your audience.

Illustrating your offers

Whenever you introduce any discount scheme or offer, let the audience know about it. Don’t forget to add the ‘order now’ button while describing the offers. Whenever you introduce any discount scheme or offers, let the audience know about it. Don’t forget to add the ‘order now’ button while describing the offers. Most of the visitors become your lead through this approach only.