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04 Excellent Tips To Use Instagram For Business – 2020 Update

If you are talking about the top social networking sites in 2020, then Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter are on the top. Whether you want to gain popularity or want to start a business online, these social networking sites are the best ones to use.

But above all of them, one platform which has grabbed all the highlights and attention is Instagram.

Instagram has over 130 million active users as compared with other social media sites. And the number is increasing day by day. This is the reason why people all over the world take the help of Instagram to advertise their business online. Still, some people fail to use Instagram in the right manner. But not anymore!

Given below are some of the excellent tips to use Instagram for your business:

  • Present people what you do in a very creative manner.

Concentrate on the solutions you deliver, not on the items you sell. Remember, on Instagram, it’s important to add value to all your clients, and look good while you do it. Because one of your important asset on social media is the visual content.

And if your business is service-oriented, then keep your focus on showing the process behind offering the service. For this, you can share boomerang videos, similar GIFs, and, other short videos to give a small hint to people of what work is going on.

  • You can also try using Instagram stories!

Well, Instagram stories come with a slide-show format and are available for 24 hours only. After that, people will not be able to see your stories on Instagram. But you can watch your stories by visiting your archive collection. Here are some of the benefits of Instagram stories:

  • Stories on Instagram are displayed on the top of the feed.

It can be used to cover the BTS(behind the scenes) and it doesn’t have to be that good in quality as your regular posts.

It makes all your work easier by letting you experiment with different types of contents; short video, photo, rewind videos, boomerangs, and, live video.

  • You can tag other accounts on your Instagram stories.

There are many fun filters also available like face filters, stickers, and texts to help you edit your images and make it look eye-catchy.

Another way to reach your target audience is by using hashtags. Whenever you will be going to post a video or photo on Instagram, make sure to add proper hashtags in your captions. You can even create your hashtags as well, that are related to your brand’s product/services.

  • Create the best Instagram profile.

Apart from above-mentioned things, the most important thing that you need to do is to have an outstanding profile, which could easily attract people’s attention.

Write the most unique and attractive bio, and yes manage your Instagram feed in such a way that, more number of people will get attracted towards your account.


Instagram can help you a lot in your business promotions. All you have to do is to know the right ways to use Instagram. Hopefully, this article will let you know about all the tips that you need to consider for creating a successful business account.