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05 Best Performing Application Monitoring Software in 2021

Regardless of your organization’s business, today’s industrial sector is casting the demand for application monitoring tools. From increasing storage to expanding networks and virtualization, organizations today need to spare the time to ensure that all the software and applications in their stack are convenient and performing efficiently. Therefore, it is essential to observe the performance of an application to present greater satisfaction to the other party.

The applications and software are improving every other day. There are a lot of application tools in the market that employers use to monitor the workflow of the employees. But picking and investing in the right one can be a bit of a task. Further down in this article, we have covered it all.

Following are the complete details of the top-performing monitoring tools

What is an Application Monitoring Tool?

Application Monitoring is the software that monitors all the applications used by the employees during their working hours. It provides detailed analysis and reports of employee’s availability, performance, productive hours, and many more. It eventually lets organizations reach greater heights.

1- Stackify:

Stackify is a software tool founded in 2012. It basically helps its users to find bugs, troubleshoot production issues, improve code, and optimize application performance. Customers can create their own metrics and monitor their performance.

Key Features:

  • It Allows users to use the retrace to make it easy to find performance problems and errors.
  • It supports .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and Java applications.
  • Collects the details of all the applications and later identifies their influence on the performance.
  • Error Escalation and tracking.

2- EmpMonitor:

EmpMonitor is cloud-based monitoring software that allows users to analyze productivity, effectiveness, and focus with insightful charts for individuals. It provides its users with 360-degree monitoring of your organization’s productive workflows. This application monitoring software lets you analyze if your employees are productive or unproductive.

Key Features:

  • You can set automatic screenshots from 15 seconds to as per your needs.
  • Tracks web-browsing history of the employees and the number of times the single web page has been visited.
  • It stays in Stealth mode. Employees cannot see EmpMonitor running in the task manager.
  • It monitors every keystroke of your employees. And you can look up to it for 180 days.
  • EmpMonitor gives you detailed reports about the employees in one place.

3- Dotcom-Monitor:

It is a monitoring tool that tracks every browser action, be it cursor movements or navigating, typing, etc. It monitors WebView, servers, protocols, windows, Linux, and custom performance counters.

Key Features:

  • It displays real-time information.
  • Dotcom monitors speed and functionality from our worldwide network.
  • Integrated with third-party tools.
  • Global monitoring network.
  • 24/7/365 support.

4- Datadog:

Datadog is a tool that helps to analyze and isolate dependencies, remove bottlenecks, reduce latency, track errors, and increase code efficiency to optimize your application. Datadog can monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance.

Key Features:

  • It give reports of Live metric.
  • It traces without any limits in real time.
  • Problem tracing facility for performance issue.
  • It’s service Map’s feature allows navigating applications seamlessly.
  • Visually impactful data with colorful graphs and charts.

5- ManageEngine Applications manager:

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application monitoring tool that offers a user deep performance insight. It is easy to use and can set up in minutes.

Key features:

  • It supports Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, and Ruby applications.
  • It has an easy drag and drop option to put widgets in order.
  • Quickly creates a custom report.
  • Easy to navigate and are highly configurable.
  • Automated application discovery helps in resolving the issue faster.

Wrapping Words:

Each tool provides its own unique set of features. But choosing the best one follows according to the requirement one holds. The primary purpose of this article was to let you all know about the essential points of Application monitoring tools. Hopefully, it will help you in choosing the best one.