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07 Best eCommerce Ads Example For Advertisers To spice Up Their Campaigns

Since the elevation in technologies has seized greater heights, eCommerce is also pacing to its level. It won’t be incorrect to say that eCommerce is the next influential thing in the marketing sector as 90% of the people have blended as digital buyers. Online shopping is more worthwhile than ever in the past few years.

Every Business owner is now trying all the new ways to grab customer’s attention. They are doing all the possible ways to turn them into potential customers. Take yourself as an example. What would you prefer, Online shopping or offline shopping? More than half of the audience’s choice would be online marketing. It all simmers down to how well your business is crafting your eCommerce advertisents.

Since the standards have raised, competition between marketers has increased as well. An innovative eCommerce ads campaign is a must for businesses to stand out in a crowd. Therefore in this article, I have collected a list of examples of eCommerce Advertisements that can level up your business.

What is eCommerce Advertising?

eCommerce Advertising is all about the practice of broadcasting paid content to sell a product on an online or offline platform. It plays an integral part in retaining the customers and also increases traffic rates and CTR(Click through Rate).

Best Examples Of eCommerce ads to Boost your Sales

1- Google Search Ads:

Google Search Ads are the type that appear at the top of the web-page. It is beneficial for marketers as these types appear in front of the viewers while searching for the intended product. Paying for a particular ad will benefit you more as your product will be visible first. It leaves a visual impact on viewers and gives a brief description below the product’s picture.

2- Google Display Ads:

These are the ads that help you find the correct audience. Unlike Search Ads, display ads deliver the general advertisement and are one of the best eCommerce ads example. This way, ads will get new viewers and audiences that leads to higher clicks. Advertisers pay for these ads in pay-per-click. The benefit of using this ad is that the viewers may not be looking for specific products, but it still has a high audience reach.

3- YouTube Video Ads:

These type may appear before, after, or in between the ongoing videos on YouTube. Some ads are not skippable, and it is the best way for advertisers to let the audience know about their product before they click away. After the video ends, a display ad occurs on the screen, and after clicking it, viewers get redirected to the desired page.

4- Instagram Explore Ads

80% of businesses follow up on Instagram’s features and are seeking ways to enhance their social media game to grow their business. These type appear on Instagram’s explore page. These ads are visually appealing and impactful, and this directly brings us to the conclusion that Instagram Explore ads are capable of reaching the targeted audience.

5- Instagram Igtv Ads

Among all the current Instagram features, Igtv is the best feature for advertising any brand. The minimum video length of Igtv is 1 minute, while the maximum video length exceeds up to 15 minutes. Advertisers can appealingly craft their advertisements and can grab the attention of viewers.

6- Facebook Video Ads

Facebook is a platform that has enhanced its features, and along with socializing, Facebook has also become a paid advertising eCommerce platform where businesses get maximum potential audience reach. While videos work best for displaying the products with appealing stories and visuals, Facebook video Ads are best for getting more clicks and engaging more audiences.

7- Facebook Carousel Ads

Since the competition has increased between advertisers, this feature of Facebook has turned the game for every advertiser. With Carousel Ads format, one can add up to 10 pictures of different products, each with its own link and description below. Facebook Carousel Ads suits best for small businesses.

Final Thoughts

As businesses continue to expand, remember to consider the user’s interest in the eCommerce Platform. Advertising can be a daunting task if not understood properly. Hopefully, with this article, you can set a clear ad campaign and gain lots of success.