10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

WordPress websites are responsive and fast, SEO-centric and much more. It is very easy to update content on the WordPress website. The CMS WordPress content editor is very interactive and easy to use. However, regular content updates are not the only solution to get constant organic traffic. Maintaining the WordPress site is a task that is more important if you want to get constant traffic to your business site. And that’s why you need WordPress Development Services to maintain your WordPress site.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most preferred CMS platform on the Internet. Thanks to the popularity and development of WordPress CMS, themes which are specially made for sites based on WordPress, also have received considerable popularity in the market. Users love WordPress themes because they are painlessly customizable and it is best to create sites such as a blog, personal, corporate and portfolio sites. However, quality free WordPress themes are not so easy to find, so I decided to collect at hand some of the best free WordPress themes. Most of these topics include amazing features that will surely blow your mind. So, here is a list of the best free WordPress themes that you can use for your next project:

WordPress is the most effective CMS for search engine optimization. There are 10 reasons for that.

1) WordPress focuses on user experience

WordPress is (in my opinion) the Gold Standard for creating a personalized and customizable web application. Working with HTML and its descendants, WordPress puts huge creative opportunities in the hands of its users. WordPress has a simplified interface. This allows users who do not have a degree in user interface design or web design to create attractive web applications that can support a variety of media including .jpg and .png graphics, Youtube video, audio and Twitter elements directly to the text.

WordPress, in particular, is worth noting that it is one of the first ways a non-technical user can create a website. WordPress currently accounts for about 25% of the network. This is a staggering number given the size and scope of the network. I believe companies that help users create 3D content for VR will have similar opportunities for mass adoption.

Additional user accounts can also be created for your WordPress website. Unlike Blogger, WordPress has several roles that control the level of user access to your site. This makes it easy to create an account that only allows the user to create new messages, not an account that allows the user to edit existing content and make changes to the way your site looks and functions.

2. WordPress allows you to create attractive permalinks.

A permalink should always be small and contain the appropriate keywords. Permalink is what follows our domain name, which uniquely identifies our post. You can change the Permalink format in the WordPress settings, as shown in the figure below. Google tends to put more emphasis on the initial three words in Permalink, so you should always put your target keyword there.

A user can view all other parts of their site, including the administrative part. The most common cause of this problem is permalink settings in WordPress. To solve this problem, the user will need to reconfigure their permalink settings or manually update their overwrite rules. Sometimes, when users add code snippets to their site, they may accidentally forget to close the Html div tag or add closing div, which may cause the theme to break. Another common cause is the use of disproportionate width in CSS or incorrect float cleaning.

Most notably, the WordPress platform can manage SEO on a page so well that it helps your site get better ranked on search engine result pages. You can easily optimize permalinks, headers and titles, images and other media. To optimize permalinks: Go to “Settings” > “Permalinks” > “Set message name”. Further, the speed of the site is one of the most important factors of rank. A site with increased site speed automatically SEO optimized, as search engines like fast sites. To make your website WordPress fast, there are different types of speed optimization plugins like caching plugins.

3. WordPress makes metadata easy to manage.

Metadata summarizes basic information about the data, which can facilitate searching and working with specific instances of the data. For example, the author, creation and change date, and file size are examples of very simple document metadata. Being able to filter by this metadata makes it much easier to find a particular document.

Having metadata available at the agency level allows agencies to manage the publication themselves. Besides, the availability of metadata in a machine-readable format makes it possible for major search engines to index this metadata in the same way as site maps, and to allow the public to discover public data across government with a search tool of their choice.

Due to the way WordPress works, there may be some exceptions to this. While get_post_meta() will get the meta value from the database, you can use it in a loop if you are looking at metadata from one particular post. This is because the first time you use WordPress, it retrieves all the metadata and caches it. Subsequent calls use cached data, not database calls.

4. Optimizing images for SEO in WordPress is simple.

This is a very popular plugin for WordPress, which improves the quality of your search engine optimization. The Yoast SEO plugin helps publishers to write better content using preview fragments that show how the message to be published in search results will look like. This will help you decide whether your title is the right length or whether your Meta description makes sense in the context of your search result. It will also help you with page analysis. Constantly checking for functionality looks for images or text in your message that contains the focus keywords for that message and checks if they are long enough.

A great way to instantly check how well your WordPress website is optimized is to perform a quick SEO audit of WordPress. There are great free and premium tools to help you. SeoSiteCheckup is a great free tool that has over 50 checks to let you know how you are doing. Varvy also has an excellent tool for SEO, with which you can launch your website. It checks Googlebot access, mobile usability, security, availability, page speed, etc.

WordPress out of the box is already quite good when it comes to SEO. However, we always recommend people to install a SEO plugin when they work with their WordPress site. This will allow you to have full control over optimizing what Google sees from your website. In terms of popularity, free Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack plugins steal shows with their end-to-end optimization capabilities. We strongly recommend Yoast SEO plugin, and in fact, many of this WordPress SEO checklist plugins will have examples of using this plugin.

5. WordPress’s Sites Don’t Frustrate Users with Slow Load Time.

Consumers expect to find retailers online and have good shopping experience on their websites, whether they use their phone or computer. Slow page loading and user frustration can be costly as consumers simply click on a competitor’s website. Retailers need to make sure that their site pages load quickly, are user friendly and mobile responsive. Displayed products, tempting product descriptions and easy to navigate customer service are key details that should not be overlooked.

The first step in optimizing the WordPress website is to configure the WordPress caching plugin. In short, the cache is a temporary data storage. In most cases, active data is cached, which leads to shorter download times. For example, when accessing a frequently visited site, your browser’s cache will contain some static content of the site. As a result, your browser has to request fewer files and information from the server, which ultimately leads to faster downloads.

At best, slower downloads are disappointing to marketers and developers working on the site. At worst, it can disable visitors and force them to leave your site, which will cost you a lot of potential links. Moreover, today Google uses page load time in its ranking algorithm and punishes sites that move slower. Fortunately, several well-known solutions will increase page load time, including additional plugins (ironic, right?) and enabling/disabling various settings.

6 WordPress is optimized for mobile users.

Whether or not you are working with a responsive WordPress theme, the inability to accurately display menus on a mobile device can affect the overall user experience when interacting with your site using a mobile phone. You should always remember that the menus used on your desktop site will not work on your mobile site. Another important aspect in this regard is that the content priorities for desktop users are different from those for mobile users. A mobile user will not like to view links to archives, but a desktop user will. Desktop users are more focused on accessing detailed information about your brand.

Another problem when using the slider in WordPress is mobile readiness. If your WordPress site uses a responsive topic, then using a non- responsive slider will break the layout of the site on different devices and screenshots. Some slider plug-ins like Soliloquy try to minimize these disadvantages by optimizing the speed of loading the sliders and using a responsive design for the slider.

When optimizing your website, do not forget about mobile platforms. They are becoming more and more important for web users since more than half of the countries in the world own smartphones. Mobile optimization is different in several ways, as images must be smaller and content must fit into smaller screens.

7. WordPress will help you integrate your campaign into social networks.

WordPress plugins are responsible to help you sail faster on a tighter ship. They are a great tool to extend the functionality of WordPress and make it work perfectly. From design to advanced social networking integration or adding portal security, there are many plugins available for all needs. However, the choice must be made very wisely, as there are several options in the directory, and it is difficult to sort the “best” of the rest.

You don’t want to clog your WordPress site with too many plugins, so it’s nice to have built-in social networking and integration widgets for messaging and redirecting people to your social pages. This is usually standard for the best topics, but make sure you check if there are buttons on social networks. This is very important. You may come across a theme that looks perfect for your city gardening blog, but the fonts look too professional. Can you change the fonts after you buy a theme? How many fonts are available?

WordPress can integrate with most popular platforms that will increase the popularity of your website. Do you need to connect to a social network ? Don’t worry. There are many plugins to integrate with WordPress. Need a payment gateway system on your site? So many payment plug-ins are available in both free and paid versions. Would you like to start your campaign by email? You can use services such as Aweber, MailChimp or others like integration with WordPress on your website. Thus, this multiple integration can increase your business website and turn into any type of website like blog, company, magazine, membership, forum, marketing, e-commerce or others.

8. WordPress has excellent plugins made especially for SEO

WordPress plug-ins mainly allow you to take existing themes into WordPress, and add cool bells and whistles that take it to the next level. There are social exchange plug-ins, email registration plug-ins, image galleries, SEO plug-ins and much more. Knowing the best WordPress plug-ins will only increase your website building skills.

Everyone who runs a blog has heard something about SEO. You know that it is important for your website to have good SEO. WordPress is very well coded, so many call it SEO friendly. But the real benefit of SEO comes from WordPress plugins. This plugin is by far the most complete SEO solution available for WordPress. It has received over a million downloads. We use the SEO plugin for WordPress to improve our SEO page.

Every WordPress website needs a SEO plugin. And when it comes to SEO plug-ins, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular options today. However, SEO WordPress is inevitably a complex topic. And to solve this problem, Yoast SEO has many complex features to give you precise control over the SEO of your site. Enter all the profiles in social networks for your site. If you create a website for your organization, these will be your social media profiles. If it is a person, you can edit details such as social profiles, user name and description on their WordPress profile page.

9. WordPress is easy to integrate with other software tools.

Installing WordPress plug-ins is an easy task even for a novice user. Free and free plugins are available in the plugin directory of WordPress.org. Like topics, they can be installed with the built-in WordPress installer. To install WordPress plugin, click Add New under Plugins and enter the name of the plugin you want to install in the search box. Click the Install button and then click Activate.

WordPress Plug-ins are software bits that extend, expand and improve the functionality of a blog or WordPress website. They add new features to your WordPress sites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and can be easily integrated with WordPress. Plug-ins can allow a web browser to display additional content for which it was not originally designed. Plug-ins are usually designed to add additional functionality to your website that is not included in the standard WordPress installation.

WordPress also makes it easy to keep your site software up to date, which is crucial to keep hackers and data thieves off your site. Some WordPress software updates are automatic to prevent security vulnerabilities, and you can choose whether you want your plugins to automatically update or you will process these updates yourself.

10 WordPress has SEO friendly themes

WordPress is a SEO platform, so most technical aspects are already covered. For everything that is not, you can install a (free) Yoast SEO plugin that fixes some minor problems that WordPress has. Installing the plugin and using default settings already greatly improves your SEO. If you make sure that you have launched all updates to our SEO plugin, all major technical aspects of SEO will already be covered.

For SEO Crawler to earn its place in this collection of best SEO friendly themes WordPress, your site should be downloaded with this theme as soon as possible. Your site will also be a fully mobile response for smartphone and tablet users, and at the same time enjoyable for Google. SEO Crawler is compatible with Yoast SEO, the leading search engine optimization plugin for WordPress, helping you to do everything possible to ensure that your site is well ranked on the results page.