10 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Blog In 2020

Today I want to show you 10 simple ways on, how to start making money with your blog in 2020, and if you have traffic already coming to your site then implementing the first two methods you’ll start seeing results immediately.

1. Adding display ads on your site 

Specifically, when you’re first getting started you’ll want to look at adding Google Adsense to your site. The biggest reason you want to look at Google Adsense is simply because there are no minimum traffic requirements and that means that as soon as you put that on your site even if you’re getting very little traffic you’ll at least start to see a few pennies a day or a month and I will tell you that first penny or that first dime or dollar that you make on your site will be a game-changer in your mind.

I remember in 2009 my first Adsense recording was like a dollar fifty-three but that changed my whole perspective on making money online with my site and it’ll do the same for you. Now once your site starts getting more traffic monthly say 10,000 views or more you’ll want to start looking at other ad networks as well to compare to see which one will give you more revenue. 

2. Affiliate marketing

An easy way is to start doing affiliate marketing. A lot of people, nowadays they use Amazon Associates as their main affiliate marketing and that’s simply because it’s way easier, everybody buys things everybody tries things out and you can create a whole article on the product that you were using and how you like it and the great thing about the Amazon Associates is once they click on that link and go to Amazon you will get credit for anything that they buy whether it’s that product that you’ve recommended or something else that they buy entirely. 

Anything that they buy during that 24 hour period you’ll get credit for it. Some other big affiliate marketing networks are also ShareASale CJ which used to be Commission Junction and Rakuten will do that as well and practically every store that you can imagine every product that you have ever used, you can go out and do a search on Google and say your product plus affiliate and find their affiliate program, sign up for it, and then you can start promoting your favourite products on your website as well. 

Honestly doing those two things when you’re first getting started in making money on your blog you’ll just see a huge change in the way that you work on your website.

3. Creating a membership website

This is a really good idea if you have knowledge in a certain topic or area that other people want to know about and it doesn’t have to be professionally related it can be in crafts. There are a ton of membership websites in the quilting, tiny home building, RV living, as well as a lot of online marketing type sites and with a few different WordPress plugins, it makes it easy to create a membership site.

When you create a membership website you’re giving people access behind a paywall where they can log in and they can see content that’s not out there anywhere else and you can choose to set this up as an ongoing yearly membership fee or a one-time lifetime upgrades what have you, the choice is yours. 

4. Creating a directory website

This can be a paid item and it’s typically things like a job board for a specific area, a business directory typically in your town that’s a big one, you can also do topic related directories and most of the time you’re getting the money by paid submission either on the submitters part or the people who are looking.

Angie’s List is a perfect example of bringing contractors and people looking for contractors to work on their house Plex jobs is another great directory where people are going to look for remote work or temporary work. 

So think of a topic in an area that you can provide for both people looking for something and people offering something and then that’s a great recipe for creating a directory website. 

5. Sell an e-book

You can sell an e-book and basically, this is just you going out and researching a topic and making it as useful and informative as you can and it’s usually an entry product for some of these other things like creating a membership site. A lot of people use an e-book to sell. first and then the next step is they’ll either do an online course or a membership website. 

6. Becoming a coach

The next way to make money is by becoming a coach and this usually involves a one-on-one feature with you either with one person or maybe a handful but a manageable group of people that they have a certain amount of your time and you’re helping them with this. 

Typically this is a business coach or a life coach, maybe a fitness coach but it can also be in other ways say in design or development or marketing or even offline stuff. You can be a quilting coach or a guitar-playing coach, music coach, language coach I have seen that as well and this is a great way to increase your authority in the area that your blog is about. 

7. Selling an online course

Typically what people do is they’ll do an e-book first to see how it does, the popularity of it, and then they’ll take that ebook and turn it into an actual online course. 

This can get you more money because there’s a lot more involvement in it on the student’s behalf and your behalf so just know that there’s a lot more upfront work that you’ll have to do in creating the videos, in creating the printables, the things that go with the course. 

What a lot of people do when they sell courses is they’ll offer different tiers of support where you get a little bit more interaction with the teacher in the premium course than you do with the basic and then once you’re done creating the course you can use a WordPress plugin as an LMS or a learning management system that delivers the course to the students and it’s in a progression style so once they finish one lesson and they’ll go on to the next.

Two really good popular plugins for that look into LearnDash and MemberPress. 

8. Physical products online

Setting up an e-commerce store or an online shop and sell things either that you’ve made, maybe that you import, or even be a drop shipper where you’re simply reselling and somebody else ships it on your behalf and thinking up ways to make money online this is probably one of the easiest for people to understand because they’re simply selling a product that somebody wants and they understand that very well. 

9. Offer freelance services

You can offer freelance services, so you already do something as an employee somewhere, simply offer your services to businesses or individuals on your own.

10. Becoming a WordPress designer or developer

When people first get into WordPress it’s pretty common for them to really like setting up the website for themselves and then they start doing it for friends or family and realize that they want to do that for clients as well. So consider doing that to sell on your site as well. So those are the ten simple ways that you can get started and making money on your blog.