12 Sites That Pay You $100 to Write an Article or Blog Post in 2020

I’m going to show you 12 websites that pay you $100 to write a blog post or article in 2020. 

1. Off-screen 

You can go to this website called off-screen, which is a film journal. They cover reviews of films they have videos interviews essays, all sorts of different types of content, and they will actually pay writers up to one hundred and fifty dollars Canadian, to write a post so if you go to off-screen.com/contribute. 

But as far as off-screen is consign you can get again up to $150 canadian, and they have things like reviews films, books reviews, so you can do all that type stuff 1000 words is usually like the minimum length to thousand words for articles and essays.

And they also want you to include a photograph and then a brief a brief author bio and things like that so you can contribute here and submit on this page. But if you want to contribute to this website or any of the others. One thing I recommend, is that you look at some of these different blog posts some of these different essays look at the structure. 

Things To Look Out For When Contributing For Off-Screen

  • How many images do they use 
  • how did they use headlines 
  • how long are their paragraphs 

And things like that that will help you be more likely to get published. 

2. Income voice

Another website that you can go to if you’re like me and you enjoy marketing social media SEO affiliate marketing and all those types of things Adsense is another subject that they do online entrepreneurship and marketing is what income voice covers and they actually pay you up to a hundred dollars per article to write for them. 

If you go to the top right of the website, it says write for us and that’s where you can submit your guest post, and you can see some examples. Here that you can look at to see what an accepted post will look like and this one for instance has to do with Clickbank, and how to make 73 dollars and 13 cents a day, with it using mobile apps and all of that. 

Things To Look Out For When Contributing For Income voice

  • So you again look at how they use images.
  • Look at how they use headlines.
  • How do they break up text paragraph length.
  • A paragraph should be only like two to three sentences and they want it in like WordPress text format.

And lastly before i forget, then you just email them your post and it needs to be no less than 1000 or 1500 words. 

3. Go east

Another website you can contribute to that pays up to a hundred dollars per article is at go east and you can go to goeast.ems.com to see more about it. 

It’s actually a website that covers like hiking and mountain sports in the US Northwest our Northeast actually, and you can learn more about that stuff by just going to goeast.ems.com, but as far as they do videos, they do articles, they do all kinds of stuff. 

You can see for instance here’s an example for you, so you know what a post might look like on this platform, here lots of images of course, this is about like height, neat, hiking, and mountain sports, so again you want to have some really good images. But they do accept submissions. 

If you go to goeast.ems.com/contribute, you can contribute articles here and you can pitch them their. Editor Ryan you could pitch him and then they pay you in gift cards, that’s the only kind of weird thing about this, but like a 900 word or more article you can make about a hundred dollars and gift card format so just read more about it. 

You can see they have a lot of examples of some of the ones that have been submitted and approved. 

4. List verse

Another place that you can go to which kind of covers a lot of different things is list verse, is a website that pays you up to $100 per post to write guest posts, that typically are in list format that’s pretty much how everything is, you know tucked in this top 10 that you know they have like 10 humans and animals. 

I got frozen but survived to inhuman mental disorders, that affect pets, and they just do all kinds of random like facts, and stuff like ten ways over is shaping the modern world, so if you like lists this is the place to go, so you can likely go to this one get an idea of what they look like. It looks like they love to do numbers. 

10 first and then kind of go backwards up to number one on the list that’s the way that one’s set up of course, and then they’ll have like a picture and a paragraph for each point, that they make in the article so to get paid to write for them, again for an article and they have like a submissions form that you fill out and so pictures, videos, they want those included and they’ll tell you more about exactly. What they want they can pay you via PayPal as well just to make that more convenient for you. 

5. UX booth

Another website you can do is UX booth which is it user experience blog, you can check their articles here like for instance, if you want to look at let’s say you wanted to look at business strategy or something, so you could read this one right here, it’s a fairly recent one. Here’s what an article looks like for them so not too long of an article, but if you go to UXbooth.com/contribute you can get paid a hundred dollars or so to write a post and then. 

They have an article template for you to follow questions to consider guidelines 1200 to 1800 words long third person point of view, those types of things so you can go to UXbooth.com to contribute there you can also go to the contribute tab at the top right there next to the search icon.

6. Money pantry

Money pantry is another blog that you can go to and they are all about making and saving money, so extra ways to make extra money. Ways to save money and be more efficient with your money.

They pay up to one hundred and fifty dollars per post to get an idea of what one of their articles looks like just go to either, earn money or save money on their homepage and then, you can see kind of what it looks like by just going to any of these articles. Here’s one about being a brand ambassador on social media, and you can see here they have like a Pinterest optimized featured image. 

They have a few ads in here lots of bullet points lots of headlines break up the text very short paragraphs those types of things and then if you go to moneypantry.com/contribute you can earn up to one hundred fifty dollars per post that you contribute, they pay you via PayPal and aim for no less than seven hundred words they really like longer articles which of course do better in Google for 1,000 to 2,000 words in that range somewhere, so they can go over the course and how to structure it and everything. 

7.  Wow-women on writing

Another app website you can go to is at Wow-women on writing or Wow-womenonwriting.com. So this is just kind of a small website that has to do with women, who make a living writing and you can get paid up to $150 per post here you can see. It’s a little bit of an old school website but they have all kinds of just articles about this kind of stuff you can go to articles right here, next to the home tab and go and see, what they have in here. 

So here’s an example of what an article might look like you know not a lot of images, not a lot of headlines, and stuff so just an example, but you can go to- Wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php – or basically just their contact page to contact them about submissions so the submissions part is kind of at the bottom of the page. 

Here and you can submit to any of these links here on social media and via email so again, they will pay up to one hundred fifty dollars per post and you know. If it’s a shorter post they might pay more like seventy-five dollars, but they want something between 1,000 and 3,000 words and they will pay you via PayPal and it needs to have something to do with writing as a profession as a woman. 

 8. Scary mommy

Another one is scary mommy and they are a parenting and pregnancy site, that pays about a hundred dollars for a guest post and. It’s supposed to show like you know the real side to parenting and how mothers and fathers are not perfect lessons learned, things like that. 

So you know you can click on any of these are a little bit controversial, but they have videos, as well and you can just kind of go through and see like. If you were to click on a beauty article he’ll talk about like a skincare, through the decades article example and then, you can see kind of what it looks like here’s what one looks like the structure of a post mostly headlines and you know medium sized paragraphs a few ads and then the submissions page is right for scary mommy and again. 

I’ll have a link to this for you, but as far as what they’re looking for 900 plus words range to 3 sentence bio with your submission social channels and blogs hyperlinked as well and again, they’ll pay you around a hundred dollars for a post, if it’s a good one. 

9. Fool.com

Also you can write for Motley Fool you can go to fool.com to see their website. It’s basically a site about stocks and investing and you can get paid up to seven hundred and fifty dollars per post with them actually. A lot of times what they do is they’ll do like a contract type of thing; Where you’re to write, you must write multiple articles for them. 

So here’s an example of what an article looks like on Motley Fool and just a regular article and normal paragraph length not super long on that one, here’s what the page you got to go to their actual careers page to find their places, where they have contracts or freelance work for writers they don’t have like a regular article submissions page. 

But you can see right here 150 to 750 word dollars per piece of content and then what you do is you do like a contract type, thing you apply and you get paid. That much per piece of content so it’s not total for the contract it’s per piece of content, so then they’ll have the details there so go to their job openings under current openings at careers fool.com. 

10. Cosmopolitan

Another one is cosmopolitan which is a pretty highly trafficked site you’ve probably heard of and, they do celebrity news dating advice Beauty a lot of it, is more of a female audience and they pay up to $100 per post you can see here the submissions page, you just fill out this form click done and submit it. 

And then of course a link to that will be in the show notes but they have all kinds of jobs a lot of times, about beauty and you know pop culture and stuff like that, so like here’s a random article looks like about cereal and then you can kind of see, what their structure looks like alright this is just a short post right here. 

11. polygon

Another website is polygon and they cover as you can see gaming and entertainment. So another very highly trafficked site here’s a random article here to show you a little bit of what one looks like so they have a really big featured image. 

You know sort of medium to longer paragraphs and then just a few images here and there, but this is of course a very long article so you may have to submit something more like two or three thousand words. 

Here to get it accepted, how to pitch stories to polygon just go to the submissions page in the show notes again, some of these want the URLs can be kind of hard to find but again. 

I point directly to them there, so you could just kind of pitch through them go through all of this they have a lot to read through on this page so it might take you a little bit but, they want stuff that’s kind of 800 to 3000 words but if it’s over, 1200 words you don’t want to ramble, that’s the main thing that they’re saying with their, so you can do reviews features and a lot of different article pipes with them about gaming and entertainment and the rest.

How round which is arts and theatre related articles and you can contribute content by going to the top right there where, it says contribute content next to the login tab here’s a random article of what one looks like, kind of an interesting structure there for some reason they like to have their text on the right side. 

But you know short paragraphs kind of skinnier content optimized probably for mobile big images that’s about. 

12. Howlround

Now let go to howlround participate to submit content they pay up to $150 per article you write, for the journal $150 is 1,500 to 12 to 2,000 words $100 would be 1000 to 1,500 words and 50 would be 750 to 1000 words. 

So that’s pretty much the length you’re looking at here and it’s about arts and theater, so if you want other sites like this check that playlist there in the top right, and I’ll show you more of these types of websites there for making money, writing and making money online in general, and that will help you hopefully, find the right websites for you and your skill. Set and what you’re actually interested in.


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