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13 Type Of Email Marketing Campaigns You Need To Send

More than 40% of people use Email for communication in business. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and a direct way to reach out to your target customers. Email marketing is cost effective and inexpensive. More than 100 billion searches google gets every month and half of those searches from mobile devices. So, people will be checking their emails all the time, and you might get a conversion.

Email Marketing is very, and it gives you a better ROI for your business. Once you selected the right email marketing platform, the next step is to find out what kind of email marketing campaigns works for you. The best email marketing campaign gets better email open rates and a high rate of conversions.

Does Email Marketing Work For You?

types of email marketing campaigns by Bounceble

There are different kinds of emails you can send to your audience based on their choice and the segmentation you have carried out. How do you know what kind of emails people want ? according to Marketingsherpa, 61% of your audience love to receive promotional emails weekly.

You can tell what type of emails people like, based on their actions. CLICK TO TWEET

If they are adding products to cart and leave it, you can send them a reminder with abandoned cart email. People subscribed to your email list for the first time send them a welcome email.

Loyal customers and be on your list for a long time then send them an anniversary email.

To send different emails to a different category of people, yes, you need to create multiple email campaigns. Because your email list doesn’t have the same type of people and they will not open every email you send them.

Have you ever thought of what kind of emails you should be sending your email subscribers?

You might probably know that email marketing is the best way to sell online. But after growing your email list, then what is next?

Promotional emails are different from lead generating emails, which are different from transactional emails, and announcement emails. So, it’s necessary to know the various email marketing campaigns and the types of emails you send.

Types of Email marketing campaigns are used to drive sales for businesses; however, a well-written email also can be a powerful marketing tool in improving your brand loyalty and expanding the company to the next level. Most of the email marketing and marketing automation platforms offer you a wide range of templates and campaign functions that can create multiple marketing opportunities.

Different types of email marketing campaigns

1. Welcome Email

Welcome mail is the Email which you send subscriber within 24 hours as they opt into your list and it should be informative, clear, and actionable. It’s a simple mail that tells them how happy you are with their subscription, and talks out things that they can expect to receive in their inbox.

The average open rate of a welcome email is 50%, which makes it 86% more effective than regular newsletter emails. As per my experience, 76% of people would love to receive a welcome email as they subscribe to your email list.

Users who receive a welcome email shows 33% more engagement with the brand. Congrats, you gained a new subscriber. Imagine you made a new friend or perhaps a new colleague, it’s only polite to introduce yourself.

It’s not a typical email campaign, but it’s one of the most effective ones. By sending a series of emails, you have the chance to build familiarity with a new subscriber. You can educate them on your brand promise when they’re most open to hearing from you.


Free writing assistant has been toping their online communication. They know how precisely to use online channels to make you fall in love with their personality as they did to me. And I use Grammarly 90% of the day with witty, playful language, Grammarly gets right to the point.

The welcome Email from them begins like this – what I received as I subscribed – better writing opens you to better conversations, remarkable accomplishments, and healthier relationships. It’s incredible, isn’t it, and it continues. That is a broad perspective, but when you think about it – there’s a lot of truth to it. That’s an excellent analogy.

Email marketing campaign

2. Sales & Promotional Campaigns

This campaign is to inform your subscribers about your new product launch updates or extensions, upcoming exclusive sales, and discounts. You can Use consumer purchases to shoot follow-up emails offering compatible products or services at a discount. Campaign enhances the customization of email campaigns and educates on offerings to those who have already expressed interest in buying, which leads to a secondary purchase.

To market and generate sales, create unique promotional codes for those exclusively in your email list, and track to the success of your campaign. Create a sense of exclusivity for subscribers, which will keep their attention and boost open rates.

3. Special offer emails

Offer emails (also called promotional emails) include discounts, coupons, or other exclusive deals that VIP subscribers get as a “thank-you.”The most used email marketing campaigns, and probably the One more familiar to you is offer emails. You might have a promotional email from a brand in your inbox right now or a few dozen like me.

In my experience as a consumer, these emails are less strategic and systematic than we expect to see. They are kind of like machine gun firing, coming to inboxes over and over again with a sort of repetition. That’s not what we encourage from these campaigns.

Rather than sending ten different kinds of emails promoting your products, why can’t you put a thought into a campaign that is very progressive or unique in some way. You can add spice to your email promotion: Provoke emotion, Add some humor, always Leave them curious, offer a free product, Use slogans from popular music, Use color, images, and font that grabs attention

“TODAY ONLY: 55% OFF Annual Plans ???????? – the subject line.” This Grammarly’s promotion uses to make money. TODAY ONLY in a subject line creates a sense of urgency and encourages recipients to take action and open the Email now.

type of Email marketing campaign


Five Creative Cloud features we think you will love If you have ever used Adobe’s tools, you know they are beastly. Authoritative and useful, yes but overwhelming. With this subject line

Most of the Adobe users pay a monthly fee to use their creative suite, and it’s important to remind users that they are getting something great for their money. So, this promotional Email is a perfect way to engage users and make them feel good about their investment.

type of Email marketing campaign

4. Newsletter & New Content

To get brand loyalty and to develop a brand persona, companies can write newsletters to connect with their audience group. Newsletters should be a reflection of your brand while reaching out to subscribers in personal.

Companies often discuss business enhancements, highlight employee additions or successes, link to new website content, share pictures of office outings, and even asking questions like anything to engage their audience outside of marketing strategy.

Best to plan this kind of campaigns every month for consistency to remind subscribers of the human quality of the business. Build trust through exceptional communication that is not directly intended to drive specific sales.

5. Newsletter Email

Newsletter emails get a lot of focus in email marketing circles, though don’t fall into the trap of sending annoying newsletters just for the sake of posting a newsletter. By this, you will make your followers hit the “unsubscribe” button quickly. Always make sure that your newsletters contain essential and helpful information. You have nothing valuable to say this week, better to skip.

eROI’s newsletter is the best example on so many levels. The first few paragraphs start with an entertaining introduction on the topic of the newsletter. Next, they include four “insider tips,” which has “read more” buttons to the blog posts.

The best part of their newsletter is the element at the bottom: they have used working radio buttons which allow subscribers to vote for next month’s theme! How cool is that?

Moz’s work last year declared as having the best company newsletters, the SEO marketing software giant has earned itself a position on top of the list. The exciting thing about Moz’s approach is that they don’t necessarily push their content, but the external feature articles make them think that their audience will find the newsletters, engaging, informative, and valuable.

Moz Email newsletter

6. New Content Announcement Email

This Email might be the One you probably already know and like. Where you announce your next sale, ebook, webinar, free trial, and so on.

This Email is used to explain and promote the marketing offer. Include a call-to-action, and that links to a targeted landing page with a particular offer. The main component to think is the offer When it comes to designing an email for a specific offer.

You want it to be brief but descriptive enough to convey the offer’s value. Also, make sure your Email’s call-to-action link is large, bright, and actionable language. You can also include a CTA image/button to make the action you want email readers to take crystal clear.

The example provided by SumAll

“Extra, extra – read all about it!”In the19th century, newspaper vendors would shout out when there was newer “news.” Even though the channels have changed, newsworthy content about your company is still valuable content for your readers. 26% of B2B subscribers sign up because they want to kept informed on company news, according to research by Chadwick Martin Bailey:

Email Marketing Campaign

7. Product Update Emails

Product emails, people generally don’t want to receive these often, and they’re typically not as exciting or engaging as an offer email. It’s essential to keep the emails simple and straightforward. Many companies choose to send weekly, monthly product updates to keep the customers or fan base up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities.

It still works for them to learn how to use new features and learn about new products and worth their investment. Rather than pushing your contacts with a series of emails about each product update, consider sending a roundup of new updates or products periodically.

For each update, include a large and catchy headline, a brief description, and an image that showcases the product. It’s worth linking to a custom page for each element to make it easy for recipients to learn more about it.

8. Survey & Feedback Email

Subscribers are generally used to get a popular opinion from the crowd of people. Companies can create polls to help formulate required brand identifiers, potential sales, new branding, etc. Consider sending an email requesting your customer feedback on products, services. Use this data for reports and plans. Companies can create an email marketing campaign asking their consumers for online ratings and reviews to boost sales.

A perfect email marketing campaign isn’t one side communication; it’s from both the end. You can’t shower your subscribers with emails without asking for their input. That’s where the survey email comes into action. It’s a simple email sent within the first couple weeks and asks them to respond to questions on topics relevant to your product. You can use this info to make your marketing efforts to their needs.

Here is an example of a survey email from Dropbox: a simple request to take a 10-minute survey and give some feedback. You’d be surprised how many people like these.

type of Email Marketing campaign

Your survey, however, needs not to be a lengthy 10-minute questionnaire. You could ask your subscribers to rate their willingness to recommend you to a friend, like Medium.

Medium email template

9. Automated Purchase Confirmation or Thank You Emails

Many email marketing platforms offer basic automation composed of triggers and accompanying emails based on your customer actions. Businesses use these platforms to send detailed thank you or confirmation emails automatically. Once after a product purchased, service completed, a user filled out a necessary form. When the new user subscribed to their blog receive, thank you mail. Automation can also further personalized by triggering customer-specific emails for birthdays or specific purchase anniversaries.

The example by Unbounce

If you download some content or complete an action on a website, a thank you email is the best way to connect to your audience. Unbounce – they send you a thank you email when you download some content in as, a white paper. What works for Unbounce is the Email sent in plain text, instead of an HTML designed Email. It is authentic and feels genuine, which makes the reader feel valuable.

You can send this kind of Email out through an auto-responder when a visitor downloads a content, Start by thanking the reader, and if possible, include a direct link to the content to access it immediately. With thank you, you can also provide links to your resource page and a link to your product page. Every time someone completes an action on your website, you can send this Email.

Email Marketing Campaign

10. Re-Engagement Campaign

The re-engagement Email Marketing campaign is nothing but a series of emails sent to inactive and not responding subscribers. Email list churn rate is about 25-30% per year. Frequently, people might change emails; companies change their names; it’s part of the industry. The re-engagement campaign attempts to fight this very fast.

Let’s say a set of your list hasn’t opened an email from six months. Your re-engagement campaign brings these subscribers back into the fold or determines if they can even be r-engaged or if not, update your email list.

Why remove them from your email list?

Because they are not of any use, and by not opening or engaging with your emails, they can affect your reputation in the eyes of the ISPs, and therefore your deliverability rate.

11. Events

Companies build campaigns centered around events that they are hosting or sponsoring to develop their brand and engage with their customers. Highlighting philanthropy – is an easy way to capture the hearts of consumers and improve their business further.

Many email marketing platforms have themes and templates for invites, follow-ups, reminders, and thank-you email. Not only companies maintain an organized guest list and manage ongoing communication without hassle, but they also highlight how they are affecting their communities, creating brand loyalty among the subscribers.

The example provided by ConversionXL

Peep Laja launched his ConversionXL conference this year, and it wasn’t too long he made his subscribers wait. Do you know why? It’s just because his subscribers are potential event attendees. During a recent ask me anything on Inbound.org, Peep mentioned that 80% of his conference ticket sales come from his email list!

There is no better way than promoting an event to invite people who know what your company is and what you do. Studies by Brightcove and Content Marketing Institute finds potential meeting customers are the most effective tactics for marketers. So, next time, when you host an event, invite your email list!

While hosting an event can be expensive and time-consuming. There is no better way than face-time with prospects and create a relationship than event marketing. Promote development through email marketing, and include the details. Like when, where, and why attendees should join. And for your event, get your best salespeople ready to meet and greet future customers!

types of Email Marketing

12. New Leads Email

Lead generation email campaigns are a series of emails based on a variety of the first point of contact. A new user has visited a company’s site or not; a well-crafted automated campaign can turn those leads into sales. The use of an email marketing platform helps you to lead a prospect through a company’s sales process. And drive them back to the products or services they viewed while using the company’s website initially.

13. Video email campaign

An example by Backlinko

When Brian Dean, The founder of Backlinko, sends an email, the chances that it contains a video are pretty high. By providing actionable content through video, Brian can deliver value. Also, build a rapport with his subscribers as they get to see and hear Brian regularly. Which makes a deeper connection with his audience. He creates a more profound connection compare to reading web copy. As the person watching the video feels like they know Brian.

types of Email Marketing


Email is a measurable, cost-effective marketing channel that is Backed up by both professional opinion and industry statistics. The email has essential value for businesses in creating sales, leads and revenue, and retaining the customers.

If you’re one of the 50% of companies, not use email marketing and you are looking for some inspiration. And what to send to your subscribers, then use these email marketing campaigns to deliver engaging content to your audience.

What do you think of these types of email marketing campaign examples? Increased subscriber engagement gives more sales, higher revenue per customer, and better ROI and profits. But how to increase subscriber engagement? You can improve by sending different types of emails.

Subscriber engagement doesn’t grow if you send the same type of emails over and over again. Deciding where to expend your energy and to spend your time is an essential challenge for all email marketers.