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15 Characteristics of a Good Anti-malware

When threats have evolved so must be the case with the anti-threat mechanism. Initially when threats were viruses then anti-virus was enough but now the invective codes of thefts like Trojan, spyware, adware, and other malware cannot be treated with a single anti-virus and therefore, the anti-malware term was introduced. The computer security software must possess the capabilities to withstand, fight, and destroy every known threat.

Here are the characteristics that best pc protectors have,

1. Fight malicious codes

A security software is developed with an objective that it would fight any malware that will come across its way and destroy it from the roots.

2. High speed

The pc security software must be faster in terms of scanning and threat detection or else the destruction would be initiated.

3. Clear caches

A better anti-malware is the one that scans the caches and clears the entries to ensure security and privacy of the user data.

4. Spyware cookies removal

The anti-malware must remove the spyware cookies in order to protect the privacy of the user.

5. Quick response

If the threat has been diagnosed then the software must respond quickly before any major harm is made to the system.

6. Create windows recovery points

A good software will always take into account the worst case scenario and therefore it will create the windows recovery points since the last update like Advance PC Protector does.

7. Delete the browsing history

Most desiring trait of an anti-malware is its ability to clear the traces of web surfing so that no criminal can get the private information.

8. Destroy backdoor virus

A good virus removal software scans the entire system in search of the presence of any backdoor and destroys it completely leaving no trace.

9. Internet Boost

An anti-malware must also be an optimizer and enhance the browsing experience with enhanced speed and smooth interfacing

10. Update system

A computer protector software must also be able to review and update the software, application, and operating system or notify the user about the available updates.

11. Disk cleaning

The anti-malware must be capable of scanning through the disk, eliminating the defect, and clean the disk of any traces of the attack.

12. Not consume system resources

Any anti-virus or anti-malware system must be light on the system resources. It should not consume a high amount of batter, disk space, and processing speed.

13. Block malicious websites

An exemplary pc security software will block the access to the suspicious websites and pornography because most of the breaches are made through these.

14. Clear registry

Any pc protector software will not only delete the threats but also clear the registry of any unwanted entries.

15. Optimize the processing speed

Last but not least, an anti-malware must be capable of optimizing the processor speed after it has been affected by the threats. This ensures that all the thefts have been destroyed and the computer becomes as good as new.

The above features ensure that an anti-malware is capable of withstanding any theft comes what may. It must ensure total security and shielding from all the doors and windows. A well-built pc security software continuously runs in the background, keeping a keen eye to ensure no malware escape into the system. If your anti-malware has all these features then you can surf safely.

Ensure total security! Ensure total safety!