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4 Best OpenCart Extensions Developers Must Use in 2021

Having an eCommerce website has become a must for every business today to sell a huge number of products to a large number of global customers all at a time through the web. And when it comes to eCommerce development, nothing can be a better choice than OpenCart.

OpenCart is now considered one of the most popular and favoured eCommerce development platforms. And one of the key reasons for its popularity is the availability of the wide range of extensions it comes with. Using these extensions rightly as per the project requirements ensure a smooth and efficient development process. Now, it is also suggested to the business owners who are planning to get their stores built with this platform, to ask about the familiarity with these extensions while choosing to hire an OpenCart developer for their projects.

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the best OpenCart development extensions in 2021.

OpenCart Social Loginiser:

The OpenCart Social Loginiser extension offers eight different social login options including the likes of some of the popularly used social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, and allows the shoppers to access the online store without getting registered themselves. Even the visitors can also use their own social login credentials while signing up. This also saves a lot of time that the customers can invest in exploring the web store for some more time. The bounce rate also reduces with this advantage of singing in. This particular OpenCart extension is pretty handy as most of the customers always stay logged into their own social media accounts, which makes the registration process even easier and faster.

OpenCart One-page checkout:

A long and multi-step checkout process can be annoying and frustrating for the customers who want to make quick purchases. This can also lead to cart abandonment. The One-page checkout OpenCart extension puts all the checkout fields together on a single web page, thereby streamlining the checkout process for the customers. This extension also allows the guests access to the checkout functionality, social login, multiple payment gateways and also supports various shipping methods. This is a feature-packed OpenCart extension that mainly focuses on easing out the check out procedure of an OpenCart web store.

Mobile App Builder:

Most of the brands and businesses are now trying to release their mobile applications on different platforms to simplify the online shopping experience of mobile users. It is also because most of the online transactions are also made through mobile devices now.

Here comes the role of the Mobile App Builder extension of OpenCart. It helps to create and launch a mobile application for the brands. And the best thing is that even the store owners can also create it on their own without being a pro in coding. This extension offers features like fingerprint login, social login, OTP login, support for multiple shipping and payment options, home page layout customisation, and more.

OpenCart Exit Pop-up:

Won’t it be amazing if you can make a sale just when your customer is trying to exit from the store? This is what this extension helps with, which is to draw the attention of the visitors or customers at the last moment.

With this OpenCart Exit Pop-up extension, it is easy to display the email pop-up in front of the customers or visitors just when they are trying to leave your web store. But make sure to display something enticing to grab the attention of the shoppers to encourage them to get back to the store and purchase something.

Apart from increasing sales, this extension also helps in more customer engagement.

The availability of so many OpenCart extensions ensures to help the business owners as well as the developers to make the online stores a better place to shop for the customers. And the right use of these extensions can simply take your customers’ shopping experience to the next level by creating the best e-stores for them.