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5 Benefits of Using the Flutter App Development Framework for Facebook

Flutter is an amazing Google UI tool for developing great android, web & desktop startup app in a single codebase. More than just a UI tool, it’s a complete SDK (Software development kit) which includes everything you require to build a cross-platform mobile app. In short, we are talking about Android Kit, the programming code that will allow your app to run on Android devices of all flavors such as Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Kit Kat and Ice Cream Sandwich. This kit was originally developed by the Android team but now it is available to developers through a commercial program called The Kit. With a paid app development tool, you can quickly create your own Android app.

If you have worked with web and Javascript frameworks, you probably know about two established frameworks, namely Android’s Android Native Apps and iOS’s Objective-C. Android Native apps are written in a hybrid of C++ and Javascript that runs inside the Android system, on top of a Java virtual machine. Objective-C is the language used for creating iOS apps and also the programming code that creates apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad. But what if you want to develop mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android?

That’s precisely where Flutter comes into play. It is an open source, community-driven framework written in dart that works just like its counterpart Android Native apps but also allows you to create mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android. Because of this ability and its cross-platform compatibility, the Flutter framework has quickly become one of the most popular and widely used mobile development tools today.

But what’s so unique about this programming language flutter app development? As mentioned above, it’s written in a hybrid of JavaScript and dart. While both of these languages have their own unique features and benefits, they couldn’t have been combined into such a wonderful framework. First of all, because the framework is written in dart, it can be written on iOS as well as Android, allowing developers to use the same code on both devices.

Another great thing about this kind of mobile development is that it supports a high performance environment. Even though it’s written in JavaScript, it works extremely quickly. It’s written in high performance JavaScript and so runs extremely fast. This means that your apps built using flutter app development will be much faster than your regular Java based apps. In fact, this kind of cross-platform apps can be up to 10 times faster than those created using Java or other low performance languages.

This leads us to the third benefit of flutter app development project: the flexibility it allows you in the open-source mobile app development process. As the framework is written in Java, it’s not possible for Apple to port it to their OS, thus making it more difficult for them to make any changes or updates. With the use of this amazing cross-platform framework, you don’t have to worry about any porting problems. You can write your widgets in any language and use any API provided by the framework, therefore ensuring that your app can run everywhere.

The last benefit of this exciting new technology is that it supports the Chrome apps of the future. Google has already discussed the possibility of Android apps in the future, but they haven’t yet finalized it. However, with the help of Google, you can create mobile apps that are made using the highest standards of the future. Therefore, while using flutter apps you’ll be able to enjoy high quality widgets and community support.

The flutter app development framework used by Facebook is quite unique and innovative. This is one reason why many companies across the world are considering using it for their business development needs. To know more about this exciting new development framework, visit Flutter Apps today.