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5 Books Every Girl Must Read For Self-motivation

Do you feel that you are lacking the motivation to do what you really want? Whether it’s the fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, inspiration or creativity – you have landed on the right page today! It’s a tried and tested fact that books can really boost confidence and inspire people to achieve their life goals. So hence, we have searched and listed the top 5 most inspirational and self-motivating books for all the women out there!

Make sure to read these books whenever you are feeling stuck or needs some motivation!

1. Girl Be Brave by Cheryl Hale:

It takes courage to turn your dreams into reality. And if you are looking for the courage to chase your dreams then Girl Be Brave: 100 Days to Chart Your Course is the ideal book for you! It is based on how a simple yet powerful message from her grandmother inspired this little, young girl.

This book shows you how you can overcome your fears and make your way towards success. Girl Be Brave is a book for all the badass ladies who just need a little push move past their fears!

2. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed:

Life can be both hard and great – one day you are battling with your failures and the next day you are celebrating your success. But to celebrate the success you need to get up after the fall. And if you are finding it difficult to find hope and motivation then you must read ‘Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar.’ Strayed had beautifully used the blend of humour, honesty, compassion and insight to help young girls and women overcome their failure and move forward.

3. The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Hadish:

One of New York Time’s best time seller – The Last Black Unicorn is an amazing book to spark some motivation and get inspiration. Tiffany has shared her own life experience – how she used her comedy to make people laugh and survive a hard time of her life. It’s a brutally honest yet hilarious version of Tiffany life’s journey. This book beautifully depicts how she came from nothing and achieved her goals by using her pain to fuel her success. In case you ladies need a push to move past your pain and fear then Tiffany Hadish’s book is there for you!

4. The Self Love Experiment by Shanon Kaiser:

One of the reasons most women fail to achieve their goals and dreams is the lack of confidence, self-love and self-awareness! So if you want to put an end to self-sabotaging and gain the confidence you need to overcome your fears then ‘The Self Love Experiment’ is the right book to read.

Shannon Kaiser used her personal experience in this to help women love themselves, put them first, find the purpose and live a passion-filled life. The best thing about this book is that it can motivate any woman.

Whether you want to recover from eating disorders, lose some weight, fight back depression or start your business – this book has a very simple, yet perfectly compassionate plan for you! So give this book a try and start your beautiful journey with self-love and self-acceptance!

5. Becoming by Michelle Obama:

The first lady of the white house, Michelle Obama has written this book ‘becoming’ – to inspire and motivate the women and young girls all around the world. She has shared her life experiences and how they shaped her from becoming a poised lady.

The book uses mesmerizing storytelling yet a deep reflection work to depict different stages of Michelle. Be it’s her triumphs or disappointments – both private and public – she shared it all honestly in a very lively and witty way.

Becoming is a book about a woman of soul and substance who has defied expectations, broke the barriers and is now inspiring millions of young & beautiful minds all the world.

If all these women can overcome their fears and failure, then so can you! And in case you are finding it hard to get out of bed – Girl Be Brave – read and take inspirations from these amazing books! These books will definitely raise your spirits, make you feel better and confident about yourself. And you will achieve all your goals and dreams eventually.