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5 Happening Web Design Trends For 2021

It is always better to begin work on a new note. What could be more ideal and rechecking the website design and refining it by noting the latest trends right at the initiation of 2021? You, as a business owner may be content with the existing web design but it definitely makes sense to improve it with the help of the top Leicester website company. Some of the features worth a revamp is likely to include the following: –

  1. Minimalist approach ends – Well, the ‘less is more” theory has lost its impact somewhat with almost all websites beginning to look alike of late. Sure, you can only make use of select few themes with dull colors being used to appeal to the visitors. The raging pandemic has affected the morale of every citizen of late pushing up the demand for a more cheerful and vibrant web design. You will therefore find more takers when you change the web design Leicester and introduce multiple gradients into the web pages. Animated gradients are gaining ground as well. The simple, plain font styles have changed totally with more decorative fonts being used now replete with fake 3D effects that capture attention big time.
  2. Abstract Art – The simple square, triangle and circles are passe now with website design Leicester turning to more abstract artwork. The figures incorporated are thus sprawling compositions that indicate freedom from clutches. You do not have to depend on stock photographs or opt for illustrating figures any more. Abstract designs are now being increasingly used to promote a concept. The Art work may or may not have human figures incorporated but they are sure to evoke the right kind of emotion. In short, make sure to add unique art to your web pages that has the capacity of exciting your visitors no end.
  3. Comfort in Colors- COVID -19 has spiked the growth of people working from their homes. Staying in front of the computer screen for hours at a stretch has taken its toll on the human eye with vision impairment and dry eyes being found in every third individual. Web designers have taken note of this trait as well and decided to use softer colors that are comfortable on the eyes as well. The extreme contrast of white spaces and elements in deepest black are out for now with the designers choosing to take the middle ground now. You will thus be encouraged to utilize softer, pastel colors verdant green, light pink and warm browns with pale blues that induce calmness and help the eyes to relax. Drama is out for the moment and you need to focus on the comfort of your visitors if you are eager to promote conversion.
  4. Power of Scrolling – Most visitors are compelled to scroll down a web page. It is certainly the best way to navigate through the page but each visitor also interacts by scrolling. A simple play of fingers on the key of computer mouse helps to revive the visitor by encouraging active participation. The modern-day web designers are now determined to alter the visual effect of scrolling. Visitors are thus encouraged to find the colors change with each scroll. This keeps them interested as the simple act of scrolling makes them look at the webpage in a new light with each effect making them feel like entering a new web resource altogether.
  5. Digital Interpretation – It is necessary to have the products right at the heart of your webpage when you are intent on creating a superior ecommerce website design Leicester. Be certain to utilize the right digital form so that the prospective customer gets to interpret it correctly. A vibrant nail polish may be depicted by a smear of color that creates a positive vibe.
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