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5 Important Features to Have a Successful Ecommerce

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the increase of Internet users, most people around the world spend many hours of their day and night in the virtual world. This has led managers of various businesses to move their products and services from the media to the Internet, and this has made Internet advertising a hot topic in today’s highly competitive marketing and business world. For this reason, in this article, I want to help you become more professional in your online business advertising by fully describing a scientific study that has been done on the items that affect the success of an eCommerce.

What kind of business is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce or internet business is a type of trade in which the purchase and sale of products are done online and with electronic tools such as the Internet, telephone, etc. That is transactions in which only goods are exchanged and the intermediary between producer and consumer are Internet networks.

What are the different types of e-commerce?

E-commerce has different categories and types. We will explain more about each of them in the following.

B2B or (business to business)

An example we can give for this type of business is the relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor and the wholesaler with the retailer. In such a business, the trader must know the market intermediaries in addition to the customer. In the past, this trade was more common because the main purpose of bulk buying and selling was in the form of e-commerce.

B2C or (business to consumer)

Business trade with the consumer or retail trade, that is, the sale of goods through online stores without direct contact with the customer. The tangible example of this kind of business, we can refer to Amazon. In this business, users could easily buy various goods, from food to mobile phones, cameras and even cars online. Definitely, if the seller can gain the consumer’s trust in this type of business, he is the winner, and he also gets the product he wants at a lower cost.

C2B or (consumer to business)

In this type of business, the consumer buys the product he needs on the Internet in agreement with the seller. For example, I put the seller of my goods for sale online at the price I want, the consumer can also offer a price, then the seller checks and the deal is done if agreed.

C2C or (consumer to consumer)

In this type of e-commerce, the auction of goods and services is done online, i.e. consumers trade with each other without intermediaries. In fact, C2C can be likened to a newspaper requirements page or a pawnshop. The eBay store, for example, is the largest example of C2C eCommerce. These stores are just intermediaries and the site itself has nothing to sell.

Considering all the information above, here are 5 important features to have a successful eCommerce:

1. Ad Viewability

In the modern age in which we live, Internet advertising has become so useful that in this regard, ad customers pay more attention to the “ad viewability” feature. This issue is so important that in recent years, the “Google Ad” section, as one of the most powerful online advertising sites, pays more attention to the ability of the ad to be seen and its impact on the audience, and in this regard offers a 100% guarantee.

But what does Ad Viewability mean? Does this mean that people will look at your ad?

Ad Viewability means that at least 50% of the ad image is exposed to Internet users for at least 1 second, which 76% of ads usually have this feature. So just because an ad has a few clicks does not mean it has not been seen.

A recent study was conducted by SEO in Australia to find out what kind of advertising will affect users and what factors are involved in the success of Internet advertising. This research has been reviewed in two directions:

Part I, the online survey of 1400 participants for quantitative data

Part II, the study of the visual behaviour of Internet contacts.

The data measured in this study were:

Duration of the first visit of the user:

How long does it take for Internet users to notice an ad? That is, the time the user first looks at the ad and receives the initial visual information, which lasts between 100 and 300 milliseconds, and looks at the ad 3 to 4 times per second.

Total user visit time:

How long does it take for the user to fully view and review the ad?

Count ads:

How many times does the user come back to see and review the ad again?

Percentage of views:

Percentage of participants who viewed the ad.

Click percentage:

Percentage of participants who clicked on the ad.

2. Related ads

Research has shown that online ads that are relevant to users’ current work receive 80% more attention than irrelevant ads. Besides, ads related to users’ searches on websites are also introduced 2.5 times more through search engines and their click-through rate is 5 times higher than unrelated ads.

3. Location of the ad:

In this survey, based on a survey of participants, they were asked what kind of advertising would attract their attention the most. More than 80% said that banner ads that are placed at the top of the pages will be noticed faster. This effect will be greater when the ad is animated in this place.

4. Advertising design:

Another result that research has shown is the high importance of advertising design. Poorly designed ads are much less likely to be clicked by survey participants, so if your ad does not look attractive and professional enough in any format, it will not motivate people to keep going.

Keep in mind that the use of video, photos, animations and catchy colours in online advertising will be much more effective than the texts and content you say. Do not create crowded advertisements; instead, try to make your ad look simple but eye-catching and make sure that the ways of communication with you in the advertisement are completely clear.

5. Repeat the ad:

Ads that are on multiple pages of the same site or different sites at the same time will be seen 2.8 times more than when they are only on one website or one page. Also, research results have proven that the visibility of such ads is 65% higher. Based on this, it can be concluded that due to the high volume of Internet advertising, identity building and repetition of consistency, the key to the success of the ad will be seen.

Finally, research has shown that not only the ability to be seen in advertisements cannot guarantee the success of an ad in attracting the audience, but also a set of different features are needed together for the ad to be noticed and followed by the user. On the other hand, we need to understand that not only the click-through rate can prove that we have achieved our marketing goal, but also, after convincing the customer to click, the steps that lead the user to buy must be considered.