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5 Leading UI Design Trends To Dominate in 2021

1. 3D / Immersive Experience

One of the most well-liked UI design trends of 2021 would be 3D design. Through websites and applications, clients are proceeding towards offering an immersive experience to their users. The 3D design has depth, shadows, lighting, textures, which bring the user experience closer to the outside world.

Be it the illustrations or the typography, 3-dimensional designs certainly add a new dimension to the general look and feel of the final product. Technologies like AR will further necessitate the designers and UI design services to adopt 3D designing into their key skill sets.

2. Mixed Typeface

Even for the elementary typographic layout, using two different typeface designs will do a far better job of building hierarchy and creating visual interest. The mixture of typeface has been an ever-evolving phenomenon among UI design services . In 2021 also we’ll see tons of mixed typeface designs.

When we say mixed, we mean that the UI design trend goes beyond the combinations of serif and Helvetica, to combine typeface within a sentence or maybe just a title giving more focus and emphasis. The smallest amount of risky “out of family” pairing may be a serif and a san serif. Select virtually any san serif, combine it with almost any serif, and you’ve elevated the work above absolute conservatism.

3. Glassmorphism

The latest UI design trend in user interfaces is Glassmorphism, and it is rapidly gaining popularity. One of the popular mainstream applications of this design appeared in Apple’s macOS Big Sur which unrolled in 2020. The Fluent Design System, innovated by Microsoft, employs Glassmorphism also.

But what’s Glassmorphism?

It has, as the name indicates, a transparent, glassy look. It’s possible for users to view through layers of these UI design trends. These layers can help to introduce hierarchy within the structure. The design works best when multiple translucent layers appear over a vibrant background. The transparency, however, is incomplete. Only the fill must be transparent, not the whole shape. That will create the specified effect. The background also must be chosen with care. A vibrant background works best under Glassmorphism. This is why UI design services of iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur both use vibrant, colourful default wallpapers.

4. Soft Gradients

In the era of minimalism, it is a design to stick with flashy and bright gradients. Most designers have already transitioned into utilizing smart gradients in their design. The UI design trend for low-key gradients came from the net alongside the flat design. However, gradients are necessary for graphic designing to offer the image volume and depth. Which means you only need to refuse “screaming” colours.

The sensibilities of the user have changed within the last decade. Experiences online are a mere experience of our physical existence, which is why technology and art often shape one another. Experienced and competent UI design services need to take into account these changes to create enhanced customer experiences.

5. Emoji Designs

Emoji UI design trend can assist you to say more with less in your UI design, and boost the user experience among all demographics. More and more designers are integrating the emotional component into mobile interfaces that cause the user experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Today, in almost every popular application you can find emojis. Most UI design services ensure that emojis are included in almost every application. And this is often not only social applications, but we also are talking about applications that are into serious business like finance, banking, e-commerce, etc. You’ll notice that you can find emojis everywhere – empty states, onboarding screens, dialogues, coach marks, and even push notifications.


As a designer, you would like to take note of these popular UI design trends. Constantly learning, improving and expanding your design toolkit are the sole ways to create a reputation within the design community and design unique experiences for your clients. Rely on a competent UI UX service provider as your partner for spearheading the race.