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5 Muffs That Magento Developers Make While Building eCommerce Sites

In a journey to becoming a well-known Magento development company, we have built a myriad of eCommerce sites & developers as well. And know-how common it is to make mistakes, useless some critical one. If you are also new in Magento eCommerce development & don’t want to make some critical mistakes, must-read what we are about to say.

Magento Development Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistake1 ( For Loop)

SQL Query Inside a Loop – To reduce some properties of products, developers often load the SQL query inside a loop. But the query inside is a sign that it ran more than once and affects the performance down.

Another reason we are saying it is bad for your Magento store development is that the number of repetition of processes often depends on the numbers of objects another query returns. And, if you have a small amount of data in the loop, your website will perform fast, as more data will only slow it.

Instead of making this mistake, you can use some simpler solutions:

  • JOINs
  • GroupBy
  • Subselects
  • Batch inserts

Mistake2- (For Models)

Loading the Same Models Multiple Times – Loading the same module twice can also create a big problem that you can understand by example:

Case in point, you have named a model “Increment” in a code. And then inside another model (named “Consumer”), the above model “Increment” imported two times (name counter 1, counter 2).

Now the question is: when you run the consumer model, what will be the content of variables 1 or 2?

And the answer is, no matter how many times you import it, the same module will be evaluated only once.

So the conclusion is if the model imported multiple times (with the same specifier), you will receive the same model instance.

Mistake 3- ( For Collection)

Inefficient Memory Utilisation- Yes, an average server might have 16 GB or more memory, but inefficient memory utilisation can create an issue. Often, Magento developers use the database adapter method fetchAll() for fetching large results. That causes a heavy demand for the system & network resources and execute codes for a long time, and PHP will run out of memory.

Note– Processing large datasets requires a lot of systems and network resources, so restrict the results by applying proper filters & limits. And avoid fetching & processing more data than necessary.

Mistake 4- (For Collection)

Redundant Dataset Utilisation- One of the most common mistakes we have seen doing an inexperienced Magento developer is recovering a complete set of data, even when only limited numbers are needed.

While working with collections, developers often misuse them & not apply limitations on the collection’s query results. It leads to the development of redundant dataset utilisation.

Note: When the results of the query are over one set of the item, use limitations and improve scalability & performance.

Mistake 5- (For Loop)

Basic PHP Code Optimization- New developers often forget the right technique of PHP code optimization, such as inefficient use of count() function. Although, it is fast in regular uses and changes rapidly while using in loops.

The point to remember is as PHP interpreted code doesn’t perform loop invariant code motion automatically. But it is much better if you will move the count() call outside the loop.

Common PHP Mistakes-

  • Leaving dangling array reference after “foreach” loop
  • Performing queries in a loop
  • Misreading “issst” behaviour
  • Memory usage headfakes and inefficiency
  • Assuming “$_post” always contains your POST data
  • Confusion about returning by value or by reference
  • Ignoring coding standards
  • Underestimating Unicode UTF-8 issues
  • Thinking PHP support a character data type

A Quick Reminder of Mistakes!

The aforementioned Magento developing mistakes are specific to Magento Loop, models, and collection, and could be some other such as PHP codes & other technologies. So also like to suggest some points that will help you throughout the process.

Points to Remember While Magento Store Development-

  • Be attentive while performing critical code;
  • Avoid useless computation inside the loop;
  • Learn the feature of the framework & also use them correctly;
  • Don’t forget to update the PHP version;
  • Always consider how you will code perform in the future, not, for instance, only;

Before going into the full swing of store development, make sure you consider these points or take guidance from a more experienced one. Until then, you will not repeat at least these mistakes now.