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5 Reasons For Having a Mobile Website For Your Business

Responsive web design is a must for every business but startups and small and medium businesses should be more careful about having a website that is accessible to all.

Most people believe that a responsive web design is needed only to attract mobile users but the truth is that being responsive is only a technical feature of a site and the website should be for everyone.

For example, a regular visitor of your site could feel the need of visiting your website while he is away like in the market or traveling. If your site has a responsive web design, he will be able to access the site on his mobile. But if your site is inaccessible for him, he will have to visit a competitor site that is available.

Similarly, mobile wielding customers that are increasing in number with each passing day could become your website visitors, if your site becomes mobile friendly. If your site is in the design stage, you can ask for a responsive design and if you already have a website then you should go for a mobile friendly web design.

Approach a leading mobile web design company for advice. It will consider your business before suggesting a design. Also, you can discuss the features and price of the new site for mobiles.

If you want to know why do you need a new site for mobiles when your website that works well on desktops and laptops can be downloaded on mobiles then you should visit your website on your mobile and check the following factors.

  • Does the site fit decently in your mobile screen just like it fits on a desktop computer?
  • Are tabs/buttons of the site visible on your mobile? If yes, then check whether you could operate those tabs/buttons in a hassle-free manner.
  • Is your site visible in mobile search? Could you find the site on the first page of the search result page?

If the answer to all the three questions is in “Yes” then your site can be called a responsive web design and there’s no need for making a site for mobile visitors. But if your answer to the above questions is “No” then you should seriously look for a site exclusively for mobile traffic.

A mobile site is helpful in following ways

1. Improved user experience

Your website will fit decently into a small screen. Everything will be clearly visible and the tabs/buttons will be usable. Also, the users will be able to view the website content with thumb only. They will have no hassle in visiting or viewing your site. And it will increase their website visit, boost the number of your traffic and profit in the long run.

2. Fast downloading

Mobile website design has a faster downloading speed than a regular site. It will reduce the waiting time for your visitors resulting in more visits and sales in the long run. A regular site can’t download faster on mobiles because it isn’t designed as per the mobile standards.

3. Brand identity

Having a separate site for mobiles will increase your brand identity. It will help in standing out from the crowd. It will prove that you are serious about business and that you cater to the needs of your clients. It will be a big boost to your brand identity in the long run.

4. Competitive edge

A mobile web design will give you the competitive edge your business needs to stay ahead in the competition. If you are thinking about developing an application for your business then think again as having a site for mobile is more beneficial. For example, you can easily update your website with new content and features without making your visitors download the updates.

5. Cost-effective option

Having a site for mobiles is more cost-effective than any other option of targeting mobile customers. Mobile visitors can visit your site without requiring downloading your application. In this way, you will provide them more freedom.


If you want to increase the number of visitors to your site then you should take advantage of the mobile traffic that is increasing with each passing day. A mobile friendly website is all you need to increase your web traffic and you can easily get this site at a very affordable price.