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5 Smart Tips to Enhance Security of Your Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 regular updates & features already cover your store for plentiful matters. Still, the security estimate on-site vulnerabilities can’t overlook the reality which is predicated on a whopping $133.7 billion in 2022 by Gartner. As a grown-up Magento 2 development company we feel answerable to serve solutions, that’s why we started this article on Magento security.

The good news is with Magento 1 to 2 upgrade, some crucial security matters are already resolved. And for the rest, we are sharing the top 5 smart Magento 2 store security tips. After all, who else will understand the risk of Magento 2 and its development more than a Development service working for years?

5 Smart Tips to Enhance Magento 2 Store Security

1. Secure Magento Admin– Magento Admin panel is known for its ease. And if this remarkably efficient backend panel hands on the hackers, the worst happens. Yeah! You won’t hand on the system yourself, but an insecure system is the same. So if you don’t want them to undertake your panel and change & steal data by store redirection, host malicious and inject malware, protect it by:

  • Changed default admin URL– For this log in admin > Go to Stores > Configuration > Chick Advance > Admin >Expand Admin base URL section >Set “Use Custom Admin URL” to “Yes” > Enter the Custom admin URL. This is how you will be logged out and redirected to the “New admin URL”.
  • Limited admin access– For this go to the System > Permission > Users roles > Click “Add new role” > Enter username and password > Go to “Role Resources” > Select the resource access you wish to grant your new user > Click “Save Role.”

2. Turn on session expiration – It’s not always about cyber attacks but unauthorized people trying to gain access to your Magento admin panel, also a case. It could be anything like seeking from your computer. For surety, you have to set a low time limit, so when you are inactive on your Magento admin panel, it will log out.

How to do it?

  • Log in to Admin panel
  • Click store > settings > Configuration (left sidebar)
  • Select Advance > Admin
  • Security > Admin session lifetime (under text box)
  • Fix the time limit ( Recommendation- 5 to 10 seconds)
  • Save changes

3. Use Updated Software – Use the latest version of Magento, including all security patches. Regular Magento updates and security patches do not benefit your site if you don’t update it. So make sure you regularly update these security patches and cover the safety too with multiple other features.

Updates: What more can you perform?

  • Upgrade your Magento root directory
  • Backup database and code before making changes
  • Use SSH for remote serve login
  • Complete deployment
  • Push, add, and commit code changes
  • Update the project
  • Magento version verification

4. Server Protection – While you communicate with the server, HTTPS/SSL are the utmost security layers. For Magento 2 store encryption, ensure you do not install extensions directly on a server but disable Magento Downloader. You can block/remove access or use a whitelisting method.

How to do it?

  • Store > Setting > Configuration
  • General section > Chose Web (on left)
  • After expanding the section- Mark Base URLs
  • Change HTTP in HTTPS in the base URL field
  • Use Secure URLs > Storefront to “yes”
  • Use Secure URLs > Admin to “yes”
  • Save the changes

5. Invest in Magento Security Assistant- If you are not a cybersecurity expert and don’t want to take the risks. It would be good if you invest in Magento Security Assistant. Hiring a security consultant for an easy and quick review is not that much more expensive, as precious as your site.

Now, when you have read all 5 smart tips delicately, here is the bonus Magento security tip for you.

Bonus Tip!

Choose web hosting wisely- A cheap web hosting can end up with Magento security vulnerabilities. Such as, if your site is on shared hosting, others hosting sharing sites’ vulnerabilities can affect your site security as well.

So try if you could use the hosting giants such as Bluegator, GoDaddy and SiteGround.

Note: while we advise you to use private web hosting, it doesn’t mean they don’t suffer cybersecurity risks. But yes, it’s better than suffering the most common ones.

Lockdown your Magento Store!

Hope the advisable Magneto 2 security tips will help you handle your site security matters. However, ever-grown website vulnerabilities can never guarantee 100% and demand constant supervision. At this point, Magento 2 Develop Services can fill the void between you and your site security.