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5 Tips For Designing an eCommerce Website

The world had to take a break in the wake of the pandemic that swept the globe recently. With physical business areas yet to operate fully, the online stores became the oft ventured venues for shopping. Sure, a consumer can choose to sit or recline while selecting products and buying them with a single click but you need to make the experience a breeze for all visitors to your resource by investing in a great web design in Leicester that will work perfectly.

Remember that an ecommerce website needs to follow certain principles in order to turn it into a happening virtual shop. Some of the elements that can make a difference to the hardcore shoppers as well as first-time visitors should include the following:-

  1. Ensure Trust – An online store should be attractive no doubt but it should appear to be reliable too. The shoppers look for privacy and security as they are going to pay by sharing details of their cards. It might be best to hire a reputable Leicester website company so that your website includes information about shipping and return of products. Your resource should also contain the privacy policy with visitors being allowed access.
  2. Search Option – However, displaying the products should be your primary consideration. Add a search button across the pages so that the first time visitor does not have any problem in finding the right products. The search button or box should be recognisable instantly. Put it at the popular position i.e. top right hand corner or center of the home page in order to facilitate more searches.
  3. Filters – Admittedly you have a lot of products to sell. However, not every visitor would be interested in all the categories. It makes sense therefore to implement filters within the search button so that your prospects can pick and choose according to their need.
  4. Special Offers – It is advisable to include a special text box announcing the best deals and discounts. Make sure to change it periodically and make a quick sale in the process. Sure, the amount that is being reduced is not too much but most visitors feel psychologically compelled to click on it in hope of getting a bargain. Make the option visible so that no visitor can ignore it completely.
  5. Images – The quality and popularity of ecommerce website design in Leicester, UK depend on the presentation of images greatly. Your target audience will not be able to touch or feel the product physically. They will only have to assess it by viewing a related image. It is most important to use good quality images that depict a realistic picture. You should thus follow the guidelines laid down by Amazon in order to attract more viewers. Usage of white space is a criterion that needs to be followed diligently as well. Space between the products will not distract the viewers nor provide conflicting ideas. Using multiple images for a single product is a good idea as well. Presenting it from all possible sides will help to portray it more realistically. Adding a 360 degree view will be a perfect aid for a viewer who is in doubt about the efficacy of the said product. You need to keep the web pages uncluttered while displaying the products. Do not cram everything within a single page. Instead, divide the pages into categories thereby making it easier for the viewers to shop.

You also need to think about employing website developers Leicester along with skilled designers. Do not make an attempt to hire each professional separately. Outsource the project to an agency in order to save both time and money.