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5 Top Reasons to Choose Python Framework- Django

Django is a high-level, open-source Python web framework that allows clean, rapid development and pragmatic design.

Now, you are thinking if there are other frameworks present then why choose Django. To make it easier to understand, I’ve gathered the main reasons to choose Django for your next project.

1. Built With Python So Easy to Learn

As we all know that Python is an easy and simple language for beginners in a programming language. Python is a language that is easy to write and easy to read. Many beginners choose this language as their first programming language for coding. The reason behind it is its simplicity and easy learning curve. After having good knowledge of Python there are many development fields like data science, machine learning, and many more open for python developers.

Python is a stable language, due to this Django becomes more powerful as it inherits a lot of key benefits of Python. All the core stuff of Django is written in Python that makes Django simple and easy if you know how to code in Python. So before jumping onto Django for web development you have to focus on python language. You can learn python through Online Python Course .

2. Cross-Platform

You can run the code of Django on any platform like PC, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. as it is a portable framework. Due to its cross-platform nature, it allows developers to support all the development and production environment. Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) is a layer of Django between the developer and the database. Due to this layer, the Django developer can migrate the whole project to other databases with few lines of change in the code. You can learn this framework from Django online course .

3. Open Source and Huge Community Support

Django is an open-source and free python framework. There are a lot of Django contributors (almost 2000+) and many more are joining every day. It is supported by a huge community of developers and the code is regularly updated by the Django developers who are associated with that particular code. While building the Django projects, developers face coding-related issues that are solved by the libraries that are added by the Django community.

There is a high chance that the issue that arises during your development process is already solved by some other developer in the community and you will get the instant solution to your problem that arises during development or coding.

4. Batteries Included

“Batteries Included” means that you can find almost everything to develop a full-functional application. ORM, model layers, Authentication, HTML templating, view layers, session management support, i18n, URL routing, HTTP libraries, Middlewares, Multi-site support, python compatibility, template engine, forms, etc are included under these batteries. This framework includes a lot of tools and libraries for common use cases. These tools and libraries help developers to focus more on the logic that matters a lot in any application instead of reinventing the wheel for everything.

5. Security

You can develop the application at a faster speed without compromising the security of the application at the delivery time with Django. By default, a security feature is enabled in this framework. Django has some built-in protection for common security issues like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and request forgery. Django also regularly releases new security patches and it immediately protects from security vulnerabilities.


If you’re planning about developing a web or mobile application and if you are confused about choosing the best framework for it then consider Django. Django is a powerful framework and generally used by developers to deliver both web and mobile projects. If you want to use this framework for your project then join the best Online Django Training.