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5 Ways UI & UX Professionals Can Make The Best Use Of Screen Recording

Screen recording has become an essential part of every professional’s life be it an educator taking online classes or an UI & UX professional testing his new design on users. The flexibility that they add in our life have made asynchronous communication much easy even while working from home or from a remote location. Here we list out 5 was the modern UI & UX professional can make the best use of a screen recording tool to stay productive and creative.

1) Effective Team Communication: One of the key factors for being a productive team is to establish a crystal clear communication between team members. Screen recording tools come with various features that are tailor made to ensure asynchronous communication between team members is effortless and time saving.

In a normal scenario an UI & UX professional would type a long email explaining the design idea, colour codes, alignment etc which might be followed by a team meeting for better clarity amongst all team members.

With a screen recording tool: Here the user can simply create a detailed video presentation using a screen recording tool and send the video to everyone through email or any other sharing option available. This also nullifies the requirement of unwanted team meetings and saves work time.

Did you know: Fluvid screen recording tool comes in built with group sharing feature where you can share your videos instantly with a group of people, say a particular team at the same time. The tool also supports Gmail integration where you can directly send a video in the email body.

2) Document Ideas for Future Reference: The modern UI & UX designer is always expected to come up with a sleek design that can give a better user experience in comparison to the competitors. Loaded with work pressure, at times a designer can run out of ideas and your hard work might not yield the desired results.

Time to do a combo of Smart + Hard work: During a time of less work, screen record design ideas, templates, animations etc for future reference. In the time of crisis where you are short of time to think and brainstorm, share these screen recorded videos with everyone, take reference from them, plan out your own hybrid design and deliver.

3) User behaviour testing: No matter how sleek or creative design you make, it’s the good user experience that matters the most and the best way to validate that is to go through a website as one.

Using a Screen Recording Tool: Screen recording tools come with an option to record with or without webcam. In this scenario, you can screen record a user’s facial reaction, eye movements, interaction with the website etc for faster and accurate results. This process of testing for an UI and UX team can help them understand the areas of improvement and provide them validated reasons to change a particular section/design for better results.

4) Better KT process for new talent: Living beings always take time to adjust to a new environment. This why organisations spend a lot of time and money in creating streamlined KT processes for new employees.

Using a Screen Recording Tool: Videos add more clarity of thought to everything when compared with a simple PPT, text content or any other document. A screen recorded video explaining the do’s and don’ts, design code, colour coding, brand codes etc will add more clarity and would be a valued resource compared to even a detailed PPT. This also saves time of the trainer/creator and the new joinee as a screen recorded video is very much easy to create and understand.

Did you know: Almost all screen recording tools have in-built advance annotation tools for highlighting or creating a detailed video presentation.

5) Record meetings: There are always meetings where you are just an attendee and not an important part of the discussion. These meetings can now be attended without you even being present in the call. Surprised? Check how!

Meeting Recordings using a Screen Recorder: Screen recorders allow system sound recording with complete audio and video sync. This feature can be used to record calls on various platforms such as hangout/zoom/webex etc for future meeting rundowns. Although most meeting platforms allow meeting recordings, the video storage, rendering and sharing is a lot slower compared to screen recording tools. Use this time to research on new design ideas.

Did you know: Videos on screen recording tools auto save on cloud storage with instant sharing options that also come with password protection.