6 Free blogging platforms Sites to Get Started

I do want to mention a couple of free blogging platforms that you can get on so that honestly you can test drive blogging, because when I start talking about running a blogging business. 

I tell you pay for your hosting get a domain get a website set up and it’s gonna cost you a little bit of money, but what if you’re sitting there saying honestly I don’t really know that I actually want to blog, I don’t even know that I’m going to like blogging or writing blog posts, i completely understand and honestly. I’m probably one of the cheapest people that you’ll ever meet and so I don’t want you to spend money on webs on a website like on the hosting or the domain.

If you don’t know yet that you want to blog so in this article, I’m going to share a couple of my favorite free blogging platforms that you can use as a test drive and then. If you decide that you want to go ahead and blog permanently full-time and you want to build a blogging business, then you will want to move on to some other options, so here’s what I’m going to do. 

I will leave all the links down below of all the free platforms that I recommend but then I will also leave a link, so that you can use one of these free platforms you can start to get your feet wet and kind of take blogging for a test drive and then, you can also learn more about. What it takes to run a blogging business, so that you can decide whether or not it is the best choice for you. 

1. Blogger hands

Free platform that I recommend is blogger hands , it’s probably one of the most popular platforms that people use to test drive blogging. I do think that even though it’s incredibly popular, I think that the interface is a bit outdated, but it’s still a great option you can sign up for free and then you can go ahead and put up your blog post, and you know test drive the whole blogging feel.

2. WordPress

Platform that I recommend is wordpress now you should know this right out from the gate okay there’s a difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org, there’s not a whole lot that you need to worry about in this article if you’re just looking for a free platform, you’re just want to go with wordpress.com later on in the future if you decide that blogging is for you and you want to do it permanently. 

You are no longer test driving if you want to do this full-time or you want to continue to do it, then you will have to move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and pay for your hosting, so there’s a little bit of you knowing some different elements that go into wordpress.org. if you want to just test drive head on over to wordpress.com. 

3. Wix 

Platform that you can use is Wix, now keep in mind that with Wix and then, with a lot of these other platforms there are free plans and then, there are upgraded plans that you can move on to Wix. I think is one of these I created a free Wix blog, how old was I it was years ago. I was a lot skinnier back then that’s all I remember. I don’t remember my age, but it was a really easy platform to use. 

I felt like it was incredibly user-friendly but I haven’t seen too many people use the upgraded Wix plans permanently. I don’t typically see like full-time bloggers use Wix, but I do still think that it’s a great free platform to you for you to use to just kind of test drive things same, as all the rest of these platforms, it’s a good user friendly free place to join. 

4. Weebly

Platform that I recommend is Weebly we believe, I would say one of the less popular in the sense that it’s not hard to use or it’s not a bad option. I think that it’s a good option but I just don’t see a ton of people use it. but it still is yet another platform that you can check out so maybe you just prefer their interface or you prefer the options, that they have again. 

5. Medium

Platform that I recommend is called medium now medium is very different from the other four platforms. That i have mentioned it is not like Weebly or Wix or WordPress or blogger. it’s not a place where you can go and create a blog. 

But it is a place where you can go and write blog posts and post blog posts, so honestly the only reason that you would start a medium account. So you’re not even going to start a blog you’re just going to start a medium account is to just get honestly, get in the practice of writing blog posts and posting content online. 

So you’re not going to have your website you’re not going to have like a direct link, go and create a free account and then you can post your blog posts or your articles or whatever, and so it is just a place for you to go practice the writing aspect. 

6. Tumblr

Final recommendation for you and that is tumblr is very popular especially, I think with the younger generation. I feel like a lot of younger kids, really know and use Tumblr. 

I’m a huge fan of tumblr although, I am not part of the young generation but here’s basically what tumblr is it’s not really a place for you to go and practice blog posts, so like medium you’re not really going to create your website you’re going to create a free account, and then you can post things so you’re not typically you will not see a lot of people write blog posts. 

It is more like photography or you know graphics focus so if you’re a great graphic designer or you’re a great photographer or you are just a budding artist. 

You know maybe you haven’t got quite gotten to the point to where you’re a wonderful photographer, but you’re working on it and you want a place to go and share your photos, then tumblr would be a good place to go. I do see some people turn tumblr and to like a full time blog. 

But honestly like in all the years that I have in all of the thousands of bloggers, that I have run into I honestly feel like it’s only been a handful so tumblr is not really a place that I would recommend you go and create a full-blown blog, but I do think that is a great place for graphic designers or photographers that just want to share their content and get used to the idea of making it very public.

So again like medium it’s not a place where you’re going to go and create a free blog, but it is a place that you can go and practice those blogging skills, that you will need with medium that would be the blog post writing.  

Then with tumblr that would be the sharing of your art or your photograph