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7 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is the limited budget as compared to the big marketers that have a lot to pour in.

Big companies and advertisers can spend a lot to promote their brand via paid posts but it is almost difficult for small businesses to manage such huge budgets. But not to worry, we have penned down 8 budgeted Facebook marketing tips for small businesses that will help them grow their business online and expand their reach.

1. Optimize your Facebook’s profile

Your profile reflects everything about your brand and its objectives and this makes it important to make your Facebook profile well-organized to let the audience find all the desired information with ease.

You should optimize your Facebook tabs to provide the users with a better and smoother experience. It should provide the users with an easy way to explore different segments of your brand and business without getting lost in the interconnection between the tabs.

Let’s say if you have added tabs that link your Facebook page to the other social media pages, make sure that your group all such tabs together to make it easy for the profile visitors to find them.

Also, make sure to create tabs that align with the objectives of your business and promote your services to a larger audience. For example, if you are a service provider try to include the tab that displays the reviews about your company.

2. Create a Facebook group

The key reason to create a Facebook page to discover all your targeted audiences and provide them with a platform to connect with each other. It is one of the best ways to increase the organic reach of your small business.

Not only groups but you can even create community pages that can help you expand your business and connect with a vast number of interested audiences at the same time.

The members of the group can further invite their friends to join the group which will help in advertising your business to a large audience without spending much.

3. Embed Facebook feed on your website

One of the most amazing ways to advertise your Facebook presence is to connect it with your professional audience. Being a small business you can integrate your Facebook profile to your website which does not require a huge amount of money.

Embedding Facebook feed on your website will help you increase the vibrancy of the website and make it look even more authentic and reliable. It will help you create an eye-catching visual hub on the website that can capture the attention of a large number of website visitors at a single time.

Also, it will improve the number of followers of your Facebook profile that will help you boost your business and enhance the rate of sales and conversions. Using various tools such as Taggbox, Tagemebd you can aggregate the relevant Facebook feed and embed it on the website simply and easily.

4. Make Promoted posts

Brands can even create a post that reflects their objectives and services. These posts can be used to promote the brands by clicking on the upper corner of the post that you want to promote and choose the required option.

It is the best way to promote a specific piece of content to a wider audience. This helps the brands to have budgeted promotions without paying much for creating ads and promotional content.

5. Use UGC for Facebook Ads

Create authentic and creative Facebook ads to market your business and products to the large Facebook audience in the most appropriate way.

User-generated content is the most reliable and trustworthy content online that displays the true image of the products and the genuine use cases of the product. One of the most useful ways to leverage user-generated content is by using it to create ads.

Facebook ads with UGC incorporated in it are thus the best way to trigger your followers and stimulate them to invest in your brand. Using the Taggbox Facebook widget you can collect and curate Facebook UGC easily which can then be used to promote the product and add credibility to it.

6. Embrace the power of Facebook stories

Stories are the small snippets of your entire Facebook profile that displays all the ins and outs of your business and services. The location of the Facebook story on the page makes it almost impossible for any Facebook user to ignore it and move further.

Adding the story that displays the internal work of your workplace will help you showcase the true story about your brand and will build trust in the users for your brand. Not necessarily brand-specific news, you can even post a story related to some important facts or the trending news or anything else that can hold the attention of the profile visitors.

7. Be consistent

Last but the most important marketing tip for Facebook is to post when your targeted audiences are live. It will help you increase the visibility of your brand to your specified audience on Facebook.

Sometimes your post might get buried in the busy newsfeed that eliminates your chances of getting visible. To avoid this, remember to post consistently and at the time when the chances are least to get lost in the feed of your followers. It will help you roll into the feed of your audiences and market your products and services in a better way.


No matter what approach you follow on Facebook, it is important to market your brand in a defined way. For this, it is important to measure the metrics of your performance at regular intervals to generate the results of the marketing strategies that you have leveraged for your brand.

From all the strategies listed above, choose the most effective marketing strategy for your brand so that it does not take long for your customers to find you and choose you over the other competitors in your niche.