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7 Global Mobile App Trends That Will Affect 2021

“It’s time to wish Happy Birthday to your best friend”

‘Set reminder of your choice’

‘Set date and time’

‘Customize reminder voice’

As you can see that the layout of the app is quite clean. The particular app gives you an option to select Day or Night theme. It is actually essential for good visibility while using the app. You just have to click on the “To- Do Task” from the menu and type the details. After this, select date, time, and the number of times you want to get repeated. The ‘voice command’ is the USP of the specific app. Apart from this, the app offers the four lists labeled as today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday.

Sometimes, we find difficulty in remembering the birthdays of our family and friends. So why not take the help of your mobile app i.e. To-do-list app. Do you want to know how-to-do list apps will help you in your daily routine? Also, mobile app design with the help of the below-mentioned points:

  • Organization of work with the perfect planning of each task
  • Simple UI
  • Work productivity gets improved
  • Timely execution of work

This way you will be timely notified of your important tasks and your life becomes easier. Making a to-do list for your task helps to keep you well-organized. To-do app helps you to give you a clear outline of the task which you have to perform. Technology plays an important role in our life. No one in this world can live without a mobile device. The apps in your device help to make your task accomplish sooner. Among many To-do- lists are commonly used by people.

Furthermore, knowing mobile trends is essential for developers as well as businesses. Indeed, 2021 looks brighter for mobile app developers and customers. Let’s have a glance at the 8 mobile app trends.

7 Mobile App Trends of 2021

Blockchain: Whether it’s your transactions or data, Blockchain will provide security to your sensitive information. It doesn’t allow you to track the online information of anyone. You will easily get the apps related to Blockchain in your Google Play Store and App Store.

1. Internet of Things:

The physical devices get connected to the internet and then collect and share the data. It doesn’t require human-to-human interaction. Besides, business processes can be monitored.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

A.I is responsible to understand the actions and in return to improve the efficiency of humans. The machine can learn and deliver human-like tasks. Many businesses are using Artificial Intelligence to increase the productivity of their work.

3. Biometrics Authentication:

It is the process of security checking of the user’s identity. Biometrics authentication is rising in the industry because of the advanced layer of security.

4. Mobile Wallets:

Many customers are using mobile wallets because of the payment convenience. You just need to add your credit or debit card details to your mobile wallet.

5. Augmented Reality:

This technology is not new but each day it’s becoming better. You must have remembered the Pokemon Go game? It was a game in which many online players interacted with virtual objects.

6. Wearable Devices:

It can be seen that the 2021 year is booming because of the market expansion in the same. The particular technology will help you to monitor your fitness. Apart from this, you can easily track location with GPS.


So, have you thought to integrate any above-mentioned app trends on your device? If yes, then without any much delay come to us. Artoon Solutions is here to provide you with excellent mobile app development and mobile app design solutions. We promise to provide instant solutions for your business needs.