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7 Steps to Right Magento 2 Development Company

Ecommerce has made the business easy. With social media integrations, websites, mobile apps, many startups can start their eCommerce website development without worrying about the physical challenges and geographical limitations. An eCommerce store with social media integration is the go-to-solution for a wider audience and better profits. The question is how to develop it? You would need help from an eCommerce development company but how to choose one is the big question here, isn’t it?

For web development, you would need a popular feature-rich framework. Magento is one of the popular frameworks, thanks to its amazing collection of features, stability, and support. Web development using Magento is quite a trending one and going with it would do you only good. However, choosing the Magento 2 development company that’s well-experienced is important. If the developers are not experienced, you won’t be able to leverage the full potential of the Magento framework. What should you do now? Keep reading to learn how to find a suitable Magento 2 eCommerce development partner.

1. Project Portfolio

What projects have the team worked on? What technologies did they employ? Who are their clients? What industries have they experienced? Ask for their project portfolio. Evaluate different industry and technology-related projects. It will give you an insight into their project functionalities, usage, design and development skills, etc. Learn about their development procedure too.

It’s necessary to evaluate their portfolio and procedure because your eCommerce store is like the virtual brick and mortar. If it’s not stable, you may experience breakdown and failures.

Pro Tip: Along with their website portfolio, check out company profiles on networks like GitHub and Dribbble.

2. Industry Expertise

Since how long the company has been working? How many Magento projects the company has worked on? How well trained the developers are? How much experience does the development team have? Is the team well-versed with the latest version of the Magento development and other required technologies? Make sure to find answers to all these questions.

3. SEO facility

Marketing always comes in hand with development. Getting a high rank on Google is one of the goals of your eCommerce website development. Thus, you need to ensure that your Magento development company can help you with SEO for your Magento store. Though Magento 2 has inbuilt SEO features, having an SEO team to check over would be profitable. It will be possible only if your development partner has a well-trained marketing team.

4. Budget & development cost

Budget plays a major role in eCommerce development. What is the development cost? How many premium features do you require? All these factors together decide how much would you require and also where you can cut down the expenses. For example, if you’re a startup, you may not require all the top-notch features in the start. Thus, you can leave some features for future purposes and cut down the cost. The cost also varies based on location and time required. So discuss your requirements with your development company and learn about the development cost. It will help you plan your budget accordingly.

5. Customer reviews

The best way to find out about the company’s competence is to view the reviews of their previous clients. You can view the client testimonials on their website or ratings/reviews on sites like Clutch. The reviews will give you an insight about your future development partner. Be wary while sifting through the reviews. Some clients may have basic requirements while others a full-fledged eCommerce store with premium features.

6. Communication

Miscommunication always leads to trouble; sometimes it ends with a lawsuit. To avoid this, make sure that your Magento 2 development company is responsive and easy to communicate. Having a defined sales team would be better. Also, ensure that the development team understands your requirements because without proper understanding, both will end up with the wrong proposal.

7. Deadline

Does the development team deliver projects on time? It is necessary to know this before you sign the contract. You might have pre-planned your launch and post-launch events or sales and if there’s a delay in website launch, you may have to cancel all the plans, which is not fair. So while making the final deal, ask the team about the estimated project delivery team. You cannot expect a fixed delivery time because sometimes an unseen challenge or bug may come up, but make sure the team updates you about the same.


Your partnership with the development team doesn’t end with launch. There comes post-launch support too. Thus, while you choose the technology partner, make sure to check the above things with your Magento 2 development company.