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9 Little Known Facts About Software Development That You May Not Know

We all know that Software is set for codes that instructs a machine (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets and other smart devices) what to do and how to do. We accomplish specific and multiple tasks with software.

You may not know that the concept of software development goes back in the 19th century. There are many unknown and intriguing truths that we are not aware of. Let’s check some.

Software Development

Software Development

1. First Concept of Software Development

There is more than 85% of the total software developers are men. But do you know the concept of software engineering was invented by a woman?

Her full name is Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (1815 – 1852}. Most of us know her short name – Ada Lovelace . She was an English Mathematician and Writer. But how she became a programmer? Let me tell you a short story.

Do you know Charles Babbage (1791 – 1871)? He was an English Polymath, Mathematician and Mechanical Engineer and considered as the “Father of Computer”. He invented the first ‘Mechanical Computer.’

In 1940, Charles Babbage was invited in a seminar at the University of Turin. Ada Lovelace had got the job to transcribe that lecture into English Language. She supplemented the paper with her own notes.

Her notes were marked alphabetically from A to G. The G note was very special. In that particular note, Ada Lovelace represented with an algorithm for an Analytical Engine to figure out ‘Bernoulli Numbers’. It is considered as the first ever written code for the computer. But, it was never tested.

2. Numbers of Programming Languages

There are about 700 programming languages available in this planet. This is as per acknowledgement from the Wikipedia, itself. It seems that software engineering is far more diverse than most of the nations in this world.

3. Most of the Developers are Men

Although the concept of software development was started by a woman, 85-89% of the total software developers are men.

4. The First Computer Virus

In 1983 at a Security seminar, a USC Science Graduate named Fred Cohon write a short program. It has infected a computer; self cloned it and spread to other computers. The infection pattern was similar like biological viruses. Thus, it was called ‘computer virus.’ It was inserted into a Unix command.

5. The First Computer Game

As per the Wikipedia, the First publicly known computer game is ‘Bertie the Brain’ which was created in 1950. It was created by Josef Kates for the Canadian National Exhibition.

Many regard Steve Russell as the first full-fledged computer Video game developer. His invented game was ‘Spacewar’ in 1962.

6. First Computer Bug was real

Computer Bug

Computer Bug

A computer bug is a kind of defect that affects the function, security and safety of computer systems. But the first computer Bug was a real bug and not some codes.

In 1947, some colleagues of Grace Hopper (famous American Computer Scientist), reported malfunction of the computer “Mark II”. It was continuously showing errors in its operations. When they opened the hardware of the computer to probe the malfunction, they found a ‘moth’ was trapped inside the hardware and causing disruption in the electronics.

They had to ‘debug’ the computer by removing the moth from the computer’s hardware.

7. First Programming Language

The name of the first programming language is ‘Fortran’. The name is derived from ‘Formula Translation.’ It was best suited for scientific and numeric computation.

FORTRAN was developed by the IBM in 1950.

8. It is all about 0 and 1

Binary Code

Binary Code

Computers only understand about 1 and 0 and nothing else. This is also known as the Binary which is based on two numbers – 1 and 0. ‘1’ means ‘on’ and ‘0’ mean ‘off.’ There is way how the computer understands a program or instruction.

Source Code (program) – Assembly Language – Machine Language – Binary Code

9. Open Source Software – Saving Billions of Dollars

You may know about the ‘Open Source Software’ model. Anyone can get the source code of this kind of software to study, change and distribute them as per their wish. The Open Source Software distribution is helping many people to save their money.

As per a report published by the Standish Group in 2008, this type of software model is making us to save about $60 billion, per year.


The computer software works perfectly to assist us in our day to day activities. From personal life to business – everywhere we need software. But we don’t know ‘how complicated is a software’ and ‘how it works with devices’ that we use.