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A Checklist of Technical Skills That Can Make You an Expert in PHP

PHP development is in trend right now when it comes to web development services. It is the first choice of developers because of its immense benefits and features it comes with required for building clean and high performing websites and web apps. But, to develop a PHP project, it is essential to have good knowledge about a few things. And here are the required skills listed out for you.

The complete list of skills PHP experts should possess


When you are planning to build a PHP project, knowledge in JavaScript is essential for developing automated scripts in Powershell for manipulating websites and executing JavaScript codes, for designing forms and developing dynamic front-end validations, developing codes to perform client-side validations, for using advanced JavaScript techniques to deliver innovative features, and more.


For creating responsive and mobile-friendly designs, for developing user-friendly UI with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, and AngularJS. Knowledge in HTML also makes the creation of custom logos simple as well. Apart from this, HTML has several other uses in PHP web designing which brings it under the list of the most important PHP technical skills.


If you want to be an expert in PHP, you cannot ignore gaining knowledge and expertise in CSS as you can use various CSS classes and styles for designing the home pages of websites with the proper placing of the elements and for ending up with a great design. CSS also makes the development of the home page easier and makes the website design responsive to the custom media queries in CSS.


JQuery libraries make form validation easier. It also helps in effortless development of dynamic front-end validations. Other than these, JQuery has many more uses in PHP web development.


Developers must have knowledge about GIT as it helps in the development and implementation of GIT repositories and managing software releases. GIT repositories are used for automating code management between the testing, development, and production environments. It also finds it usage in developing the browsing engine of the system, calculating the other profiles by their latitude and longitude coordinates by their cities. The list of uses of GIT does not end here. It also ensures easy development of custom bash scripts for deploying codes from GIT repository onto the production servers.


Laravel is one of the best PHP-based frameworks that is used by most of the developers for web development now. Laravel is an open-source framework and comes with features like a blade template engine, high-security features, functionalities to enhance the website performance, and more.

MVC architecture:

The Model View Controller architecture or in short the MVC structure is the best thing about PHP. With the MVC structure, the code is always kept clean with fewer lines of codes on every page or file and with different files in different folders for managing different things in a complete web project. For instance, the View folder keeps all the files for the front-end of the project, the Model folder manages and stores the database files and the Controller folder that acts as the connecting channel between the Model and the View. The Controller stores all the classes and functions for the project. If you are aware of the MVC structure and prefer to use it for a PHP development project, then working in a team also becomes easy as different members of the team can work in different pages and parts of the project without hampering the work of others or without making any changes in the files in which some other team member is working.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, knowledge of Linux, Ajax, PlSql, and HTML5 are also essential to be a PHP expert. And, each one of these skills is important if you want to excel as a full-fledged PHP developer. Web development is a competitive field and this makes it essential to know about everything related to PHP for an effortless project development no matter how complex it is. These above-mentioned skills.