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A Guide on Using the AngularJS Framework

Businesses have become smart enough and have started recognizing the strategies that could make or break their business. Undoubtedly, developers are adopting numerous frameworks that could not only help them build an efficient mobile app but an application that could also reap benefits by the engaging audience.

One of the most popular frameworks used by the developers is AngularJS, which is a JavaScript based front-end plan, managed by Google. Additionally, it is also supported by an association of individuals and corporations for addressing the challenges that barge in while creating the single-page apps.

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Let’s dive deep and read everything you must know about the AngularJS framework.

Key Features Offered by AngularJS

Here are the top key features of AngularJS you must know about, so keep reading!

1. Two-Way Binding

The automatic sync of information that takes place between the view and the model is called two-way binding. On one hand, the view specifies the HTML, while on the other, the model specifies the JavaScript variables.

Additionally, AngularJS enables you to create a template that can unite various components with models. In this manner, whenever the value of HTML varies, the bound model value automatically gets updated.

2. Routing

A shift from one view to another is called ‘Routing,’ which is the key aspect of single page apps. As the name suggests, single-page apps consist of a single-page to eliminate the mechanism where users land on different pages each time they tap on a menu. Notably, the top examples of single page apps are the Chrome App Store and Twitter.

Talking about AngularJS, multiple views for various URLs becomes easy, and it also allows the user to load the main page, using a specific URL.

3. Active Community on Google

It is essential to have exceptional community support whenever a framework has to be integrated for app development. Therefore, there’s no better option than AngularJS.


It is because AngularJS is managed by Google, due to which any queries and issues can be resolved via numerous forums that are available.

4. Use of POJO Model

When it comes to AngularJS, it utilizes the Plain Old JavaScript Objects, also called POJO. A POJO model helps in offering skillful objects, using which the developers can come up with loops of objects and arrays. Therefore, it is one of the best approaches when it comes to using AngularJS.

5. HTML User Interface

HTML is a computer language, easy to comprehend and consists of shorter tags. Furthermore, the interface offered by HTML is structured and organized.

Notably, it can become challenging to organize and re-organize the JavaScript interfaces. At such times, HTML determines the operation of the app.

Why Should You Hire AngularJS Developers for Application Development?

Here’s why!

1. For Building Well-Executed Apps

Undoubtedly, there’s a tremendous role played by AngularJS in building high-end applications, if you adopt the same. Not only this, but other aspects like CLI and IDEs also contributes to making this framework deliver high-performance.

It is essential to mention that IDEs of AngularJS is superior to any other JS framework; therefore, it enables the developer’s figure out the issues spontaneously.

2. Appealing UI

AngularJS offers a mechanism, using which the elements to build the app can be customized, leading to a UI as per customer’s requirements. Other factors like target audience, app type, and more, also devote to making an alluring UI.

3. Strength of Localization

One of the top factors of app development is localization. Therefore, AngularJS developers can play a massive role in making the application available locally.

4. Reusability of Code

AngularJS initiates code reusability. Therefore, the developers reuse the coding, which saves a lot of resources, such as time and effort.

To Sum Up

AngularJS framework helps in building cross-browser apps, which turns out to be efficient, interactive, and user-friendly. As mentioned above, it eliminates the coding part by reusing the same; however, modifications can be done.

So, have you thought of speeding up your app development process with the help of the AngularJS-based framework?

If yes, why wait anymore?

All you need to do is connect with the top Angular app developers and get further insights into your project. Till then, stay tuned for more information!