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AI-Driven Chatbots in Healthcare – How They Help

The evolution of technology virtually transformed every single aspect of human existence. This holds for healthcare as well, where technology and the many tools it drives have entirely changed how this industry goes about its business. Of course, there are plenty of solutions and advanced technologies that have profoundly impacted healthcare. However, there’s one name in particular that has managed to carve quite the niche for itself: Artificial intelligence. The technology enables machines to learn from experience, adapt according to input, and perform tasks usually executed by human beings. So you can see the potential this technology is brimming with and see how it would establish itself as a vital part of the healthcare industry. And among the many, many tools and solutions it has empowered this sector with, perhaps the most significant are chatbots.

AI-driven chatbots have managed to become quite the hit in the sector. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, by 2025, 90 percent of hospitals in the United States alone will embrace AI chatbots to improve the quality of healthcare and save lives. It makes another exciting revelation: Hospitals that integrate AI-driven chatbots can achieve up to a 50 percent reduction in the cost of treatment. In addition to that, these bots can also drive a 30 to 40 percent improvement in healthcare outcomes. Suffice it to say that AI medical chatbots have much to offer to this industry, including some of the benefits listed below.

  1. Lead generation: AI chatbots can help hospitals with their marketing and brand awareness efforts and lead generation. They can be used to offer questionnaires to patients seeking treatment and then offer tailored information to prospective patients based on the information provided. And not only that, but they can also be used to encourage these people to visit the hospital for a check-up or treatment.
  2. Smart appointments: Appointments can be challenging to manage and cost the facility quite dearly. Studies show that a missed work can set a hospital back by about $200. AI chatbots, together with an online appointment booking system , can enable intelligent scheduling and reminders. They also analyze patient history, patient behavior, etc. to foretell no-shows, allowing the hospital to better deal with that possibility.
  3. Registration and billing: Yet another aspect where AI chatbots can lend high-quality assistance to hospitals is registering patients and billing. Integrated with the facility’s other systems, AI chatbots can facilitate a substantially quicker billing generation process, answer queries about insurance coverage, assist with claims, etc.
  4. Patient engagement: Much like in any other industry, it is also imperative for healthcare providers to ensure high customer engagement levels. For this, chatbots can help by engaging both existing and prospective patients in conversations via texts or even audio. This not only helps take some pressure off the staff but also helps gather vital patient data.
  5. Tailored treatment: As everyone knows, the world is generating data at a mind-boggling pace, and of course we have found some excellent ways to put all this data to good use as well. In the context of healthcare, chatbots, together with avant-garde analytics, leverage data to help deliver treatment plans that are tailored to the individual patient’s requirements and health stats. With tools such as these, it has become quite simple to transform healthcare data into insights that can help doctors make intelligent decisions to ensure their patients’ well-being.

As you can see, AI chatbots have a world of advanced benefits to offer. They can empower patients with better access to healthcare, tailored healthcare plans, and so much more. Hospitals and other such facilities can enable the delivery of better care, accelerated processes, time and cost savings, improved business results, etc.