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Benefits of Using Shopify For Your eCommerce Development

Starting an ECommerce business and wondering which platform would be the best for you? Well, if you’re here and eager to know the benefits of Shopify, you’re on the right path. The immense features & benefits made Shopify a 21% shareholder of the ECommerce market and predicted a $4.97 trillion yearly forecast in 2021.

You might be excited to know about this eCommerce development platform, so do we, to unbox it.

Exploring Shopify in Detail

The e-commerce platform Shopify allows everyone to set up an online store and sell products. The platform was started almost 15 years ago by Tobias ( Shopify Founder) when he was looking to sell his snowboard. After many efforts, he found that selling snowboards online without any eCommerce platform was back-breaking. And that’s how Shopify was born.

As we mentioned earlier, the selling of snowboards started the journey of Shopify. And that’s the reason it is a perfect match for all small and large businesses. You can understand its reach with this line: “Whether you’re selling online, on social media, in-store or even a truck of your car, we have you covered.”

In 2019 at one of the conferences of Shopify, they announced: “820,000 Marchant were using their eCommerce platform.”

Benefits of Using Shopify (The web development platform)

Easy Setup & Utilization – One of the most common reasons off-line business owners fear to start an online business is; The Technicalities. But when it comes to Shopify, you don’t have to face coding ghosts. And without any coding knowledge, you can understand the platform. What you have to do is, check out some tutorials on their site and you’re good to go. After the registration on Shopify, customize the store and add product images.

From adding the product description to customizing color schemes, everything is so simple to perform on its dashboard. Whether you ask about managing inventory, offering discounts, or track orders, the dashboard is all set to help you with ease.

Fully Hosted eCommerce Solution – The hosted eCommerce solution; Shopify deals with all maintaining, software updating, prerequisites and unexpected volumes of traffic-related issues single-handedly. In short, you can say it helps vendors to focus more on running the business rather than handling technical issues.

Private and Secure – An eCommerce store can be the most vulnerable platform in comparison to any other type of site. It stores the sensitive data of your and your customers’ bank accounts, but Shopify has got you covered. It has coded a strong security system with a dependable hosting platform.

Mobile-Friendly – Smaller screens are just a size small, but they impact large. As more than 50% of online shoppers prefer to shop from mobile phones. However, if you have Shopify to your side, your site automatically becomes a mobile responsive website for all aspects.

Easy Payment Gateways – For a trustful online service, you must serve a secure and easy-to-use payment process to your customers. While using Shopify, you will get different forms and payment options. It also has stripe payment options, so your customers and you can make transactions without suffering any fees.

Also, if your customers have lower credit card fees, you will be benefited. However, if they don’t have any cards, they can pay with PayPal, which is flexible and trustworthy at the same time.

Built-in SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of marketing, especially targeting those who are searching for the same intent. In such an aspect, Shopify handover the ability to build the best landing page for your campaigns. Plus it also allows you to add optimized title and meta tags for better search engine results.

Why Go For a Shopify Development Company?

Shopify has grown entirely in this short time span of 15 years. The reason most of the enterprises choose it is not only Its simplicity but the cost, variety, and capability to serve best. Its array of marketing, payment, support, and content tools built a large community of Shopify developers. The Shopify development company, where one side includes out-of-the-box creations to your Shopify website, other side serves the ease to eCommerce owners.