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Best and Smart Kitchen Appliances to Buy in 2021

Who doesn’t like to have tasty food? For some people, a kitchen is just a place where we cook but for others, it is a place to do experiments on new dishes. Technology just keeps getting smarter and more interesting, and as a result, even the most basic things we use on a day-to-day basis have become pretty advanced. There are lots of advanced kitchen appliance which helps in the kitchen to work hassle-free. Let see some advanced kitchen appliance of 2021


At least 50% of the public hates dishwashing. It is time-consuming work after all. For a busy housewife, a dishwasher will be a blessing. Wonderchef Countertop Dishwasher can be used anywhere on countertop/kitchen platforms, dry area, or even on a small stool. Even a kitchen with less space can easily accommodate this dishwasher as it needs less space. Additionally, the smart washing programs are highly effective for cleaning utensils that are used in Indian cooking. These clean oily and masala stained dishes, pans, and other types of kitchenware efficiently. Additionally, the rotating jet spray with 72°high temperature water offers a 360°coverage of the utensils, thus cleaning and sterilizing them completely. Easy to operate, this dishwasher will help you wash your hands off the dish-cleaning chores!

Touchless Soap Dispenser

No need to touch the soap bottle ever again: Just put your hand under the sensor and this handy gadget dispenses the soap for you. The safest soap dispenser, completely contactless, automatic, and super saver in soap consumption. The bacteria and viruses get transmitted through the touchpoints It may not require an internet connection, but it will prevent bacteria from spreading all over your kitchen. Use it with any dish-wash or hand-wash liquid and enjoy the magic. Dilute the liquid soap 5 to 10 times depending upon its viscosity while putting it in. Touchless also makes the use of soap so much more efficient. The foam spreads better and uses 5 times lesser soap for the same application than liquid soap from normal dispensers.

Nutri-Pot Electric Pressure Cooker With 7-In-1 Functions

Nutri-Pot enables you to cook healthy and attractive food a day. Automatically on top of that! Your own personal robot indeed in your kitchen. Nutri-Pot cooks your food faster while keeping precious nutrients intact. The intelligent micro-computer inside Nutri-Pot keeps the pressure and temperature at an optimum level that forestalls over-cooking or burning of food. The tight-fitting lid traps the steam rising from the food within the pot, retaining important nutrients within the food. The hard-anodized aluminum inner pot distributes heat evenly and lasts you for years. Aluminum is a 9 times better conductor of warmth than chrome steel. This prevents sticking onions and ground spices onto the pan once you saute them before closing the lid.

Regalia Brew Coffee Maker

Enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee with Regalia BrewCoffee Maker . Just add ground coffee powder to the basket and brew a delicious cup of black coffee. Add milk to taste. Designed to brew up to 7 cups of coffee (700ml). The drip controller blocks the funnel and does not allow the coffee to flow out once the carafe is removed. Keep a warm plate keeps the coffee at just the right drinking temperature even after the dripping has stopped. Removable filter for convenient cleaning. Water level indicator for easy filling. The blue light illuminates when the coffee maker is switched on adding a touch of style to your kitchen!

Cold Press Slow Juicer

Craving for fresh juice? Why go out when you can get it at your home itself! With Wonderchef Prato Compact Juicer, there is no loss of nutrition from the vegetables or fruits while extracting the juice. Dual speed and pulse function make it an ideal product to be used in daily life. Easy to assemble, operate, clean and maintain, the juicer is powered by a 250W advanced copper motor with a low noise feature. The stainless steel micro-mesh filter blades help in extracting more juice than a regular juicer.

Nutri-Blend Compact Food Processor

India’s favorite mixer-grinder, juicer, food processor, Nutri-Blend is known for its power, durability, performance, reliability & great looks. Now Nutri-blend is available with Food Processor attachment, making it the most compact Food Processor that offers an all-in-one solution. Simple functioning with just a single twist. Get ready to make luscious smoothies, finely ground masalas, tangy chutneys, chopped veggies, salads, juliennes and so much more in a jiffy. Take atta in 20 seconds flat!

Prato Electric Rice Cooker

Cook up an entire menu with Wonderchef Prato Electric Rice Cooker! Make rice, pulao, biryani, porridge, soup, stew, and idlis conveniently. Steam momos, modaks, vegetables, meat, fish as well as boil eggs effortlessly with the steamer attachment. A gleaming stainless steel outer body adds beauty to your kitchen. Removable non-stick inner pot, easy to clean and maintain. Single-button with cook and keep warm function for easy operation. Tempered glass lid with steam vent offers to see through cooking/steaming. Extra thermostat to protect fuse and heating plate

2 Slice Toaster

Wake up to your perfect cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast smoothie. Fix small-plate dinners to mid-day sweet treats and satisfy cravings with oil-free savories. Dive into experiences instead of chores with products designed to make life easy and stress-free. Make crunchy, appetizing toasts effortlessly with the Wonderchef Crimson Edge 2 Slice Toaster. It is very convenient to use. Pre-heat the toaster for 2-3 minutes, put the bread in its slots and your breakfast is ready in a flash. The Crimson Edge 2 – Slice Toaster possesses a complete metal body that gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen.