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Best Four Tips to Get Calls And Leads For a Startup Business

In this pandemic time we see that all things transfer from offline platform to online platform. This is not because of trend but this is mandatory if anyone want to survive they have to change their way and method to work. Now most of company’s employees doing their work from home. If we say this in service industry then this method is also working there. That’s why marketing method is also changed now. Every businessman is focussing on digital marketing rather than to do physical marketing. This article is not only for washing machine repair business but it is for all type of business and services. All business and services can make change in their strategy regarding marketing of their business. you can get more call and leads for your home appliances repair business website with the following method :–

1. Create your website: First step to go from offline to online is make your website. Which is very needy in this present time. When a person has a shop then only limited customer or clients visit to his shop but when he open an online store and start delivery their product and services. Then there is unlimited customer he can get. How can make a website lets discuss this:

A. Buy a domain name: Before making a website it is necessary to buy a domain which is URL of your website. It can be your online shop name so be very careful while purchasing a domain name. It must be simple and short which should be easily understandable and recallable. This can be your brand in future. It can be purchased online. Many companies provide online domain name like Godaddy, Reseller club, namecheap etc. Cost is also not so much it is around INR 500-1000 for a year. It must be renew yearly.

B. Hosing for website: After bought a domain next step to get hosting. Hosting is a web space where your website can run worldwide. You can hire any web developer to get help for domain hosting or website designing and development. Many companies provide website services like gurgaondesignhub.com, urbanclap etc.

C. Website designing and development: After getting domain and hosting you can make a website many firm provide website builder through that you can make a website or can take help any profe

2. Social Media marketing: Thousands of website available n Google for the same business. So after having a website it is very difficult to get calls and business. A website is worthless unless or until it has marketing. Social media marketing is a free marketing strategy. Anyone can advertise their business website on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. There is also many package available to promote your business by these media platform. It is very fast way to get lead. Anyone who require your services or product they can call or make an enquire. You can response them. Like if you are a washing machine repair services provider and you have a website and you made a post to social media platform where you put your website link. When someone need your services they can click your website or make a call to you. You can go to their home to repair their machine or ask them to come at your workplace. This is the way to get the call and leads for your business.

3. Google advertisement (Google ads ) : After having a website anyone can put their ads on google. Google charge to provide leads and calls. Actually Google charge on click basis. Whether you get calls or leads or not. If anyone click on your ads google charge on per click basis. This is very flexible method of advertisement. You can put your bid and location strategy. You can spent as much as you can want to get calls for your washing machine repair website business. Here your ads can come on first on the same day your webpage made. But your have to pay accordingly.

4. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) : This is very popular method to promote your business but it is very slow too. In the organic search thousands of website available for a sinlge search. It is very difficult to get top 10 ranking in this competitive world. But once you are in first page there is no limitation. You can get unlimited calls and leads for your business.

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