Blog Who Blog About Blogging

Blog Who Blog About Blogging

You want to learn how to earn money or write better? Blog Who Blog About Blogging goes to the library, check a book. You can also check e-books from the comfort of your own home, so you won’t have to interact with a depressed librarian in an empty, depressing building that people forgot.

Buy an eBook on Amazon. This is a better investment. Go to YouTube. Listen to the podcast. There are lots of free resources out there.

Stop supporting these charities. You can put yourself in a big hole before you can roll the ball. No wonder people give up so soon.

Okay, now I feel like I’m going on a stroller, so if you only get out of one thing, I hope it’s:

You already know how stories are told and this is actually blogging.

Most of us consume stories on an hourly basis via social media. We have been consuming fiction ever since we were good enough to watch Winnie the Pooh and Disney Movies.

You know, almost internally, how this stuff works. I promise Stories are a part of human culture. You don’t really need a teacher

Of course, you are under 18 years old. Then you should be fully in school and hopefully a teacher.

Read. watch movies. Journal. Tell your friends and families stories that do not let them die.

This is all practice. If you want to learn to write well, well. Go get a copy of an element’s stylebook or something. Download Grammar 

Please do not pay some blogger to teach you.

I’ll say it again, you already know how to tell stories. It is part of your DNA.

And before you think I’m talking to people or giving you some haulier than spiel, I’ve done it. I have written about the article and the list. I have tried my hand at gimmick titles and themes and I will probably continue to do so.

I also paid for these things earlier. I will fight it. I have paid money for classes and get information from experts who have become junk.

But I promise, if I ever come to that point, I will never turn up and try to sell some lame “How to Blog” e-course. They are almost worthless. We don’t need them. 

What we need to do is write and tell stories. Almost every day. Reading a lot. We need to get out and see the world and try to fill ourselves with as many things as possible.

We just need to practice what we already know how to do: the story. The only real way to do this is by doing so.