Blogging in nigeria : This is what professionals do

A lot of individuals are even taking and asking questions like “ Is blogging Profitable in Nigeria ”, may one get living from blogging in Nigeria, “ will blogging be created the business in Nigeria? ” And more relevant questions but I will bet you I know some of the reasons why these doubts are created by mostly newbies in blogging. 

Maybe some don’ ’t learn what is blogging Sometimes when you visit and see high-income earners at blogging, You barely find Nigerians with enticing earning rather you find that whites (aliens ) with large earning portrayed and you’re wondering if you will get much wealth as the Nigerian blogger and that leads you to the question “ Is blogging profitable in Nigeria? ’

Blogging has become the next greatest situation in Nigeria, as some internet savvy people and still passers-by on the internet have the blog. Nevertheless, the most common blogs in Nigeria concentrate on gossip and recreation, that is not the change coming from the nation with the majority of the population that is on the young side. 

That doesn’ ’t in any way rule out the people for these educative blogs as it has a fairly huge audience and followership, too. These sorts of blogs (enterprise blogs) have become the go-to spot for knowledge about thing occurring in the small business landscape, Whether it is information about the newest startup that has happened to break the industry or latest information on government policies that might impact the business, Job blogs are the opinion leaders on what is going on at this commerce scene.

Business blogs in Nigeria are presently gaining worldwide acceptance. Nigeria entrepreneurs and small business owners are searching for new knowledge to help them make, work, and develop their jobs. Blogs are the means of having quality information about virtually anything the person might remember. Indeed, it is even when it comes to commerce, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and so forth.

Nigeria is recognized for its honour of educating creativity and developing talents. This reality of blogging has become very competitive in Nigeria, but each blogger is inventive and brilliant with the place that could constantly take you back to their blogs. 

Most of these bloggers are well-known, they produce content that will make people speaking and attract daily advertisers. They represent Nigeria and you will take a look into Naija everyday living, latest information and events on their blogs.

blogging business in Nigeria

Here is another great performer among enterprise blogs in Nigeria. See for Daily Small business thoughts and ideas, business programs,&tips for African entrepreneurs to make, work,&become successful businesses. This blog is doing a good job of dishing out superior content. The subject of the blog is good and informative.

Blogging has been earning popularity in past years, but this doesn’t think you should blog for the job. Little business blogging isn’t just for every job, but for a good job, it will be the key to success. Before starting a little business blog, you should think the following: 

Ask yourself: What is the intention of the business blog? To sell or advertise the product? To help people understand the purpose well? To prove yourself as an individual? One of the biggest downfalls of recent blogs is that they do not have One clear intention and they turn into the catchall for any kind of knowledge.

Taste Nigeria with Kemi’s entertainment blog. Kemi Filani gets the choice of personalizing information on her blog, KemiFilani. She offers Nigerians with the regular dose of celebrity style styles and latest information on fashion trends. 

Likewise, you can see more important information and entertaining fuzz on her blog. Her work is good, the news and content she publishes are constantly attractive. We only like Kemi and we constantly look forward to her posts and ideas!

Makinde Azeez’s blog is famous for only African information. This blog, Naijaloaded was established in 2009 and has since matured into one of the most common blogs in that Nigeria. 

He shares comprehensive information on celebrities, sports, education and other valuable data and beliefs on his blog. Makinde gives us such the African atmosphere and we are addicted to his place.

When we need to learn what’s moving on in Nigeria, we take over to Emeh Achanga’s blog. She constantly has something interesting and impressive beckoning for her readers ’ care. Emeh launched her blog – Misspetitenigeria in 2012, where she offers the wealth of knowledge for African audiences. Emeh is the bonafide blogger and we can’ ’t make decent of her blog.

Lindaikeji’s blog readers are one of the most devoted peoples in Nigeria and actually, he has a group, a lover, a job. She is likely on highs today as advertisers make it difficult to pay more on Google and Facebook advertisements, Linda is the future shoe for them to understand Nigerians and as much it needs to be in a more organized shape as against what life on this blog. 

Before the group gets dwindling, how will she get information about the readers? Their sociology? How will she measure her advertising structure? By this way, having sponsored job on Linda was a bad experience.

blogging websites in Nigeria

When it comes to making your blog, you have two choices: Create a site to blog on or take one of the greatest blogging platforms as the site. Building your website and blogging on it — that is likely the “ conventional ” way to create a blog. To do that, you’ll want to have blog software, like, or the website creator, like Wix.

Also, I suggest making a blog. Own your blog. Use and self-host your blog. I suggest contracting up via The blog would take the site, too. Give a nice and simple website address to think, or can be easily searchable on Google. is simple — my first and last name, and business.

The main difference between the blog and the website is that the blog is The particular kind of message displayed on web pages on the site. Confusion frequently happens because people and representatives of jobs often use these two terms interchangeably. For instance, someone might say that they saw the company’s blog when this blog was just one part of the organization’s site. 

Confusion also happens because structures that are dedicated entirely to blogging make the feeling that the being’s or company’s blog on one of these structures is also their primary website.

blogging jobs in Nigeria

The website started as a single blog and over the years has grown into a platform that helps bloggers make or develop their blogs. Together with the huge amount of blog posts helping bloggers focus their skills, there is also the working committee for authors that hosts common writing businesses, not only for blogs, that is worth checking out from time to time.

Every time, I read about people searching for jobs and how it has been difficult to get the business in Nigeria. Juvenile state at Nigeria has doubled between 2012 and 2016. Within the young worker’s committee in 2016 World Economic Forum, Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director for Mckinsey and Company related to young unemployment as the pandemic and put the state figure for Nigeria at 50%.

Once you begin treating the blog as a second business, you quickly follow the third phase of blogging for life. This is the scene where the time work is going in the way of your dream job — or at least a business that may give better, And this thought of striking out on your personal — no matter how difficult it maybe — is going to seem highly attractive.

You will begin by checking out these large independent blogging jobs boards, such as ProBlogger. This said, our advice (naturally ! ) Could be to go out Paid to Blog business – the resource that gathers up all possible independent blogging opportunities from across the network and ties them together in a clean container for you.

If you’re a writer searching for a given blogging business, the list of the 10 sites where you will get blogger jobs is for you. Most blogging jobs give per job (much about 300 to 500 words) and have some sort of daily mailing program. 

Normal rates are to per place dependent on how interested each place has to be. Be wary of businesses that just pay from income sharing, particularly from very young sites. It’s just worth it if the website is pretty large and has an established income flow.

challenges of blogging in Nigeria

Anyone who believes that blogging isn’t difficult hasn’t made it. It is the situation to sit down and make, and to do this consistently. One may only grow better in any country by always forcing oneself to learn. 

Sometimes, I would feel lazy or unworthy to make a blog, but by practising self-discipline and pushing myself to write the blog is an awesome thought. One of the greatest perceptions in this world must be conquering oneself.

One of the biggest challenges while working the blog is achieving more people. No one can accept that you have good knowledge, particularly if the blog’s URL is Another situation with place blogs like that one is having the good people since you don’t need to confuse people who are not, in the case, iOS developers.

The blog will forge real-world connections. The real story: I saw one of my favourite author friends through blogging. Admiring each other’s work throughout the May blogging situation, we understood that we were going to the same meeting and saw in-person, shared meal, beverages, and rewarding conversation. The blog will also forge virtual links. 

In replying to blog posts, I have made strong, critical relationships with people who offer knowledge, original books to understand, hard-won content that I will see from, perspective, support, and listening ears along with strong shoulders.

But this is the situation for myself. I’ve blogged earlier, I’ve performed content marketing, I believe some facets of the blogging world. But the situation is to take me deeper into the world I love and feel something really difficult for myself. Write AND Write the article every day for 50 days.

Writing the blog post is entertaining but not simple. I must say that it’s the situation for me to make it short and simple. Sometimes, I need to dig deeper into the topic and talk about all aspects of it. This’s not possible in the blog post. Sometimes, it’s not even feasible in the novel. Yet, I need to talk about it as far as possible.

Is blogging lucrative in Nigeria

The blogging business has matured and developed over the last few years. Owning a blog will be very profitable whether you’re trying to establish a company blog or a private brand blog. Still, it’s not always easy to take the brand new blog off the surface. There are some errors new bloggers do regularly that’s affecting their business.

If you want to make your blog and earn a living, starting this blog is the easy thing. It’s getting money from it that will take the difficult thing. 

Reason? Well, the profitable blog depends on a couple of things: Communication, faithful audiences, and writing that keeps people coming back for more. While it’s not simple, it will be made. Here are some instances of blogs that get yielded six-figure incomes (after lots and lots of bad job, remember you) :

As blogging turns into an increasingly profitable business, a lot of established companies are thinking about how they will go into this action. 

One way that companies are capitalizing on this blog move is by giving blogs that offer the sort of friendly look for their corporation. 

Frequently, the company can use an established blogger to produce a weblog designed specifically to appeal to the organization’s customers. 

That helps make constructive associations with This brand in consumers’ minds. Companies have been known to give a pretty penny for the sort of gig to the writer who suits their brand and beliefs.

Private business is the most profitable blogging niches. Consider it. We’ve had large business institutions expecting to develop their brands and sell their products. 

These banks take all the money! Further, there’s a lot of investment capital money getting into fin-tech startups who are looking to develop their corporations, too. Once the blog’s brand and communication are powerful enough, you can start to get flooded by the plethora of affiliate opportunities. 

It’s crucial to just select the best people you have, otherwise, you’re starting to look like a used car salesman.

Besides blogging, affiliate selling is also a profitable business purpose for students. It is frequently seen that people normally join affiliate marketing with the blog. 

Owning the blog is a plus point but if you don’ ’t have a blog, you will even get money online by sharing referral links on social media. In turn, you can make generous commissions.