CPA Tutorial Part 1 – What is a CPA Network?


A CPA community is an affiliate network with a twist. CPA is an acronym that has two meanings: expense for each acquisition and cost per action. CPA as in the expression “CPA networks” implies price for every motion.

A CPA community functions like this: you have the affiliate (the a person marketing the delivers), the service provider (the just one putting up the features), the presents (the points that you market) and, lastly, the CPA network (which is the bridge amongst the affiliate and the merchant).

Each time a 3rd-party does the required actions on an offer that he landed on by means of you, the affiliate, you get compensated. How a lot? Properly, the CPA can assortment from $1 to $80. How is this superior than a standard affiliate community? Well, what do you believe is easier – building someone give you their zip code or their credit rating card number?

Each consumer you refer and get paid out for is known as a “direct”. What you might be doing is basically referring prospective prospects to providers. This process of promoting is much better than pay out for every click and other people due to the fact of two motives: the affiliate (or publisher in the circumstance of PPC) will get far more income and the merchant pays on a precise action, not on hoping to get an action. Not all prospects are focused, but the extra particular a CPA offer is, the more challenging it is to get an un-qualified guide: no one particular will fill out a 15 field variety just for the sake of it – they have to be genuinely interested in the offer. This is usually none of the affiliate’s worry, it can be mostly the merchant’s difficulty.