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Custom Theme Vs. Free Theme – Which One is Better?

Are you confused about the themes? How to use it? Where to select? What are the pros and cons? The answer to different mind-boggling questions is here.

Without any doubt, themes can change the whole overview of any website by increasing its features. There are many themes available for use. However, the struggle of selection between custom themes vs. free themes is real. The only thing that matters the most is the clear understanding of tools that can simplify and enhance the structure side by side.

Therefore, the users must have some initial know-how of the system and its functioning. Also, it makes the selection process easier.

What is a Free Theme?

Free themes are available for download without paying anything. They have different options and features. However, the quality and customization are limited in free themes.

Some of the features of free themes are:

  • They are free.
  • Minimal qualities.
  • Quick access and downloading.
  • Limited support system.
  • Insufficient Customised options.

It is quite an easy task to find the free of cost WordPress themes. Other than this, a custom theme vs. a free theme is a reasonable way to add more value to the platforms that have standard themes.

Examples of Free Themes

To understand how free themes work, it is important to have some deep knowledge about them as there are a number of varieties available for use. Also, try to understand custom themes vs. free themes phenomenon to avail the services. This is why sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from the list.

Below mentioned are some examples of the free theme:

1- Hestia

Hestia gives the most artistic and beautiful designs. It allows the user to experience smooth scrolling and modern characteristics.


  • It’s Woocommerce ready.
  • Hestia contains several demos.
  • Include material UI kit.
  • The most responsive design.
  • Also, it has compatibility with Elementor.

Although, custom theme vs. free theme have some similarities and differences as well. It is one of the amazing free themes that allow users to maximize their designs.

2- Neve

Neve is the best choice for the business. The main purpose of this theme is to enhance the outlook and add more value to it.


  • It has 30+ starter sites.
  • Also, support the overlay.
  • Options of drag and drop builder.
  • The best SEO friend theme.
  • Elementor and Gutenberg compatible.

The specified features are responsible for the best outcomes.

3- Astra

Astra is the most popular free theme. The reason behind it is its qualities. Also, the characteristics make the theme more useful and helpful.


  • It has several blog layouts.
  • Astra has a color control tool.
  • Also, it supports multiple headers.
  • Page builder integrations.

A lot of users like it because of the specialized features and free options.

4- OnePage Lite

OnePage Lite is one of the best and nice free themes. The main purpose of this is to enhance the options for the users. There is a lot of variety that helps in displaying the right look.


  • It is mobile-oriented and responsive.
  • The characteristics are SEO friendly.
  • There are parallax elements available.
  • Also, the theme supports unlimited colors.
  • It has widgets’ homepage elements.

The visual outlook is separated, consistent, and very clear. This makes the knowledge related to the custom themes vs. free themes more authentic and highlights the differences.

5- Flash

It is one of the fine themes which is famous for its minimalist style. Also, flash has the most simple layouts, which are prominent because of the different specifications.


  • It has a variety of color options.
  • This theme has a toolkit plugin.
  • The best responsive design.
  • Excellent product filters.
  • SEO optimized options.

Great portfolios can be created through this theme. Also, the overall characteristics add more value to designing capabilities.

What is a Custom Theme?

Comparatively, custom themes have more options and features. They are responsive, well supported, and of good quality. The cost reflects in the given options. Users are satisfied with the categories they are using and by the number of customized specifications.

Below are the most famous features of the custom theme:

  • It supports third-party integration.
  • Designs are unique and eye-catching.
  • Unlimited customization is available.
  • Also, the premium functions have options.
  • They are reliable and SEO-friendly.

Custom themes are famous because of the different combinations of attributes that are offered to the users. They are making the way to polish the existing features into a whole different category. Thus, custom theme vs. free theme both are important. The formation and variability of themes in abundance show the importance.

Examples of Custom Themes

For all the users, it is important to develop concepts and have knowledge about the specifications. This is essential to complete numerous projects. As there is a huge competition going on custom themes vs. free themes, people are in doubt. Which to select and which to avoid.

To clear all the misconceptions, here is the list of custom themes compiled. This will make the users aware of the specific features.

Some of the examples are:

1- OceanWP

It is a fully customizable theme. Also, there are multiple places where it can be used, like in business, ecommerce, blogging, portfolios, etc.

To understand it in details, look at some of the features:


  • OceanWp has uncountable designs.
  • It has a parallax effect.
  • Also, it supports the latest widgets.
  • The animation tools are amazing.
  • It has flexible and responsive layouts.

OceanWP is better when it comes to customization and practical tools. It is the best theme that portrays the customized options as well for the users.

2- Customify

Just like its names, it has greater customization options. It supports different plugins. Also, the user interface is easy, and it makes overall use convenient.


  • Its editing mode is responsive.
  • Also, having premium themes.
  • The speed and SEO are optimized.
  • Importing of the website is ready.
  • Customify has a unique builder.
  • Also, it contains a real-time visual editor.

According to the website design services in UK, the overall themes have a different effect on the website. The use of highly customized them can leave a positive impact.

3- Zakra

Zakra is a theme that provides the best drag and drops customized option. Also, it provides a variety of 10 different demos and starter sites.


  • It has seven widget areas.
  • Zakra is fast and lightweight.
  • It supports block editor and Elementor.
  • Also, support different color options.
  • It’s able to have ten demos.
  • A very responsive design.

As far as the custom themes vs. free themes are concerned, it is better to develop understanding and knowledge first. Also, it is necessary to make the most of it by applying the right techniques.

4- Schema Lite

It is the modern solution for all kinds of customizations. Also, the color selection is outstanding. The users are given the option to change and adjust the way they like.


  • It has social media widget buttons.
  • Also, have uncountable background options.
  • Schema Lite is very responsive.
  • Speed is up to the mark.
  • It supports the SEO factor.
  • The AdSense is optimized.

Together these characteristics make the best of the theme. The users are easily able to change and customize them as per the requirements. This makes the theme outstanding.

5- Cenote

Cenote gives the personalization option. The use of this theme is quick and easy. There are many options. From the font, typography to page layouts.


  • It has a fashion and standard blog.
  • The navigation menu is functional.
  • Also, there are customized social icons.
  • The one-click demo import option is available.

It has a live customization option via the customizer, which makes the usage much convenient. The understanding of custom themes vs. free themes depends on the needs of the users.

In addition to this, the rare feature adds more charm to the theme and makes it more usable.

Difference between Custom and Free theme

Generally, free themes are developed by independent vendors and developers. The major drawback is that little support and advancement are provided. This is because free versions are mostly different from customized ones.

Free themes come with the selected options of optimizations and colors, and the layout is also limited. SEO tools are less supportive. Also, the page widgets and buttons do not have much variety. Even after this, the understanding attached to the functions of custom themes vs. free themes is cleared. As the free themes are good for the initial usage and small startup websites.

On the other hand, the custom themes are much more specified and have a variety of options. From color, graphics, layouts, and other tools, everything has some different features that make the website look better. This makes the user achieve the desired requirements of any website.

Undeniably, few custom themes can make the debate of custom themes vs. free themes more clear because of the additional characteristics. This absolutely does not mean that the free themes are useless. It is not true. But there are certain limits involved in free themes, which makes the overall impression less effective. This is why custom themes are considered more for complex tasks.


Themes play an important role in various places. This is why it is necessary to build up the correct realization regarding the working efficiencies and features.

Therefore, the debate about custom themes vs. free themes is worthy once there is knowledge about theme functioning and criteria. If the case is the opposite and the user has little knowledge, it must not be easy to analyze the functions and the outcomes.