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Digital Marketing/ Major Factor Why a Site Rank on Google’s First Page

Have you ever thought about why there is some website that always comes first in search results and you click on them very quickly thinking that they provide you with the best thing or service you are looking for? But I know you clicked on it because Google recommended it to you in the first place but how does Google know it deserves first place in the millions of the sites that are indexed on Google.

There are a lot of answers like a good responsive website, speed, backlinks, and ads but 72 percent of the digital marketer believed that good content is the most important thing that helps in ranking. All other components are important only after you have good content if you do not have good content there will not benefit from other things.

So how to write good content, good content has many parts like problem-solving, deep and complete knowledge about the query of your audience, engaging, nice and simple design, readable, understandable language, rich in keywords, etc.

Before you start writing a piece of content or article do thorough research on the topic, read articles watch videos get enough knowledge about the topic then read the competitor’s articles and find out what is missing in them. Then you have to do thorough keyword research on the Title and Sub-Title of your post. Find out which keywords are having the best traffic with low competition. After you have done all this comes the step of writing an article on that topic but if you need an image for your content I advise you to first design it on Canva.

After you are done with all these steps open a word editor I recommend M.s Office Word. Type your article on the word editor include Title, Sub-Titles and make deep and engaging content. After you have poured out what your heart says on the word editor conclude your article.

Then you have to see the grammatical and spelling mistakes to do that I recommend Grammarly. After correcting all the grammar now it’s time to check the plagiarism of your article. To check plagiarism you can go to duplichecker.com the score should be 100 % unique Google does not like copied articles.

When you have done all this you can now come to final editing choose a nice font and design place your picture in the right place. Make sure your article is looking good and attractive to read.

Now you are ready to publish, see your article on responsive mode so that you can check it looks good on all the devices. Now you can do other things like making backlinks, social media promotions, social bookmarking, image submission, etc.

You can learn all that in Off-Page SEO you can subscribe to us or you can visit our site. All our content is free and we focus on target teaching as digital marketing is a very big topic and not all people need to all other stuff. So you can choose what you want and we will provide you with emails on that topic only.

You can also hire a digital marketing agency or you can learn digital marketing for free choice is yours but always remember quality is liked by the internet in quantity, it is not the game quality over quantity. You need both at least 2 blogs a week if you are a blogging site or for services in-depth detailed page resolving all the query.

Bonus Tip- One thing to note here is engagement on the blog matters very much so allow people to comment. Reply to comment answer the questions. Or to increase the engagement you can ask the question to your audience and ask them to reply in the comment section. Adding your email or having a form that can be filled also increases the engagement and gives you information about your audience.

One thing to note in all this always uses fresh content never copy anything from Title to text to image. And fresh content does not mean anything it should be trending and meaningful and should solve a problem.

Conclude this article I will say just that you need passion to drive you to do research and make 2 articles of 800-2000 words in a week for years. So if you are passionate about writing content and teaching you can do that you can learn digital marketing for free . But if you are not interested in that and want to do other stuff of your business like website development or administration you can hire a digital marketing agency . The choice is yours just start quickly to see results quickly. All the best.

Yash Kumar

Director Yash Kumar Advertising and Digital Marketing.