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Drawbacks of Using Clone Scripts

In the growing business industry, everyone wishes to have their websites. Some can afford custom development, and some prefer clone scripts. Clone scripts are none other than a ready script for developing your site in just a few steps.

The best upcoming businesses are cabs and booking sites. Uber cabs have 91 million active monthly users worldwide. There is an estimation to reach 539 billion by 2021. Many people wish to start the same business. There are clone scripts available that help to develop the same application.

There are many uber clone app development tools available online. These tools help to develop the same application as uber. These are not custom apps but develop using clone scripts. The application made with the scripts provides all the benefits and features same as the custom made site.

The other most leading business is online booking. The site that mostly anyone wants to resemble is Airbnb. This is the best site for bookings worldwide. Airbnb offers rentals with 7 million properties worldwide. The Airbnb clone app is useful for those who do not want to go for custom development.

Clone script helps to develop the same application as if it is custom made. There are limited benefits of this script. It helps the app in quick launch, cost-effective and effortless development. But, there are many disadvantages of using this script.

Disadvantages of using clone scripts

● Less Uniqueness

The use of clone script increases every day. For being in the business, the website needs to be unique and out of the box. As many websites run on scripts, the chances are that your website may not be unique. The same design may confuse the customers regarding your site.

● Not Robust

Using a clone script from any company, you can not be sure how it will make it robust. It can be unsafe and not modular. This can be dangerous for the future.

● Quality

When dealing with clone scripts, you may not have the exact site as you visualize. To attract customers, your site needs to provide the best quality of service.

● Merging is not possible

It is not possible to merge two clone scripts. Every company has a different process and technology to build their scripts. Due to this reason merging two scripts is not a good idea.

● Wrong choice of script

One can accidentally choose the wrong script by seeing the low price. But when it appears at last, maybe the output won’t be as you expect. This fails to provide security to the user as they want. This factor may affect the traffic of customers on the site.

● Limited Control

Using the clone scripts does not give control over every aspect as that of a custom made application. Thus, more time has to be spent on customizing new features for your application.

● No customization support

Using clone scripts does not provide customization. One needs to use the features involved by the scripts themselves.

● Lack of data storage control

If you have an instant messaging app, you need robust data storage. When a user uses the application, the first thing he considers is its privacy of the data shared during the access. This thing is only possible if you have a storage center established for the app.

End Words

The article is all about the growing business and the clone scripts available for them. Uber clone app development and Airbnb clone app are the upcoming business websites. Many people wish to have a similar kind of application and start their business. Using clone scripts may ease the work to some extent. There are more drawbacks to using clone scripts. The ready scripts can not provide uniqueness to the application. This makes it confusing for the customers to identify your application. It is better to go for custom development rather than using clone scripts.