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Dynamics Customer Portal- Basics, Benefits and Your Business

Websites are the face of your business but maintaining that face requires a customer portal. Simply having customers be interested in your business is not enough. You have to have a way to be able to solve their issues, assist them and retain them in, long term.

Dynamics 365 customer portal can do that when you a 1000 customers and when you have 100000 customers. For you to run your business, you need tools that can bring you this much versatility and scale.

A great website, portal, or business needs much more than just good design. It needs a design that is equally functional. Dynamics 365 customer portal can give you that functionality with features like secure sign-in; roles-based access, drag and drop page builder, entity management, ready to use widgets and more.

What is a Dynamics 365 portal?

Dynamics 365 portal that is built on Dynamics CRM has an advanced content management framework. This framework allows you to surface expose and capture customer data. This tightly integrates with your customer data in Dynamics CRM, a robust, scalable, configurable platform that allows you to automate business processes and manage the entire customer life cycle.

It provides functionalities like customer self-service, community forums, partner engagement, employee self-service, etc. A Dynamics 365 portal can make your support tasks much easier. An often-misunderstood concept of a portal is that it is useful mainly at the end customers’ end, but it is equally useful for the business that uses it. Support employees get their work in order and can become extremely efficient in handling customer issues.

Dynamics 365 portal can be configured with powerful features that especially work for your business requirements. Let’s look at a few benefits:


  • Improves communication between customers, partners, and other relationships.
  • Displays information from different sources in one place.
  • Helps users to access information when they need it in a secure manner.
  • Increases the revenue opportunities.

It helps external customers to view and create data on the company’s environment, regarding their details, etc. The Dynamics 365 customer portal can give a customer access to their entire profile that your company has for them. This means they have access to their contact information, and they can easily update it, as well as access to their purchase history, knowledge base, and more.

Who can use the customer portal?

The company that wants to communicate order processing information like order status or accounts information from their Supply Chain Management system to enterprise customers.

Online stores that want to scale up and bring a more coherent experience to their customers can opt for a portal. The customer portal is the right complement to a website as it helps address things that a website or webstore cannot accommodate.

The best part about a customer portal is that the Dynamics CRM customer portal can synchronize right with the CRM, making your management tasks a breeze!

Role-based access makes the portal simple to use, no matter who is using it. Customers can get their individual profiles; employees can get a neat dashboard to keep up with their tasks and customer queries. The portal aims to simplify and streamline the interaction between employees and customers, and it does so by helping you employees put their best foot forward.

End Words

Dynamics CRM customer portal can help make your management tasks simple, whether it is customer management or backend functions. You can also get easy to configure portal solutions for your partners and suppliers that can help you streamline all your communication and work with them. Portal solutions give a unique platform where all your business needs can come together to function cohesively so you can focus on things beyond management.


This article provides details about the dynamics 365 portals. This also gives information about the customer portal on how it works and which organizations can use it.