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Facebook or Amazon – Which is Effective for Your eCommerce Store?

eCommerce brands would prefer sponsored ads as it is a great way to increase your sales and online revenue. The good thing is that brands today have multiple channels through which they could promote their products. To have a choice is indeed a good thing, but sometimes it can be tricky for brands to determine the right medium for optimum results.

A common question that has been plaguing brands for years together is whether they should choose amazon ads for eCommerce or they should opt for Facebook ads for eCommerce. It has been a million-dollar question for long. For quite a few years now, Facebook has maintained the lead position in the world of sponsored ads when brands shift their advertising budget to paid social media from traditional methods. However, of late, the focus has shifted to the industry’s sleeping giant that is the Amazon advertising platform or the amazon ads for eCommerce.

Which platform is apt for you? Facebook or Amazon

Whether it is Facebook ads for eCommerce or Amazon ads for websites, both these platforms are used to grow an online business. Indeed they both have unique values that serve different purposes.

The benefit of Facebook ads is that they can target a large number of relevant people, promote brand awareness, and create potential customers for the future. Amazon ads, on the other hand, target customers who are intending to make a purchase and brands can ensure that it is their products that the customer buys.

The figure below will give you an idea of the stage in which Facebook ads or amazon ads for websites could be used.


If your business is still like a young fledgeling, Facebook can work as the best medium for you. It can quickly identify the people who will be interested in your brand and the kind of products that you sell and thus can be useful for generating brand and product awareness.

Similarly, if you are looking at promoting an event or a particular page, Facebook can be an excellent platform. However, that does not mean you cannot drive a robust ROI through Facebook ads; it is quite possible if you have a smart strategy in place. If you have noticed some of the best Facebook ads for eCommerce, you must have realized that tapping human sentiments is crucial. So, if your brand chooses Facebook as a medium, you must create ads that resonate with the feelings of your potential customers.


Amazon, on the other hand, is ideal when you have a strong product, limited budget, and a smart strategy. If you are using Amazon ads effectively, you can quickly drive a high ROI; it is even possible for small businesses to compete with more prominent brands on the Amazon platform. Amazon is a two-pronged platform. Therefore, the more sales you make and the number of positive reviews that you get determines the organic ranking of your product. Amazon ads can boost organic sales in the long run.

For organic Amazon listings, sales volume plays a significant role in how products show up in search results. The better your product sells, the higher it will be placed when someone types in a relevant search query on Amazon.


Amazon and Facebook are two different mediums that help you promote your eCommerce store. Each of the platforms has its weaknesses as well as its strengths. As a brand, you need to find out which platform would work best for your eCommerce store and how to leverage its power. In case you aren’t able to decide on the right platform, you can get in touch with an expert digital marketing agency that will help you take a step in the right direction.