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Features of AngularJS for Web App Development

AngularJS has been developed by Google Anderson open source Framework mainly using the open for standards Angular JS is able to create all of the main and interactive elements that web developers and designers normally do on a website or with a web page. The main objective of the Framework is primarily to help developers and designers create single-page applications. AngularJS prioritizes and emphasizes stability and code quality and testability and this is the main reason why web developers prefer to use it over several other competent frameworks that are available on the web. Major companies that use AngularJS for that development efforts are PayPal, Snapchat, Netflix. Udemy and Amazon. Here is the list of features that web developers get when they make use of AngularJS for web development.

Features of Angularjs

Features of Angularjs

Easy to learn:

Web designers and web developers having knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be able to easily learn AngularJS without any hiccups. Mastering and learning Angular JS are able to open up more opportunities for the web Development Industry and provide value to customers and clients using web development. There are a huge amount of resources available on the web, tutorials, videos, and learning resources that you can use for learning and mastering AngularJS on the web.

You will be able to learn and build how to use and develop your web application by growing through the Angular JS tutorials that you can normally find on the web. Once you have mastered and well versed in AngularJS, your development efforts and time required to develop any application using AngularJS is drastically reduced.

Two-way binding:

Angular JS provides developers and web designers with a feature called two-way binding. This is a concept that allows immediate synchronization between the model and the view layers of web applications. If any coding data is entered within the model, then the changes are automatically reflected in the view as well as vice versa. When appropriate changes are made in the view, the model is altered accordingly automatically.

Using this two-way binding feature, the web application being developed is able to simplify its presentation layer and therefore provide a seamless method to make changes to the web application. Using this model presents web developers with a less intrusive document object model display to construct the user interface.

SPA features are supported:

The main aim of developing web applications using Angular if its unique ability to quickly develop single-page applications for providing a faster website transition. The website will be able to function pretty easily and will provide the feeling of using a native app to the user or the customer. Normally a website communicates with the web browser by dynamically replacing the existing web data with new data.

This provides an alternative way to the browser instead of completely refreshing the webpage, only parts of the webpage are dynamically replaced. This is a common functionality offered by single-page applications as far as web development is concerned. single page applications are able to work on any platform irrespective of the type and the nature of the platform. It provides an excellent User experience and is very simple to maintain and test.

Has a declarative User Interface:

Using the AngularJS Framework programmers and Developers are able to create templates using HTML. This is a declarative language that is popular because of the amount of scalability and the unique intuitiveness that it offers to developers. These templates provide web developers and designers with unique and specific attributes that suggest filter directives, form controls, and many more.

Having a declarative user interface is able to ease the efforts of web developers making it easier to manipulate the web application respectively. Developers are able to use declarative syntax, UI components, and data models, while the designers can focus on creating the user interface.

Fully supported by Google:

The Framework is developed by Google, Angularjs developers and designers are fully assured to be provided support by Google for developing its own applications. A skilled team of Google coming up with newer enhancements, and improvements to the AngularJS framework.

Developers and designers prefer using AngularJS because of the credibility and banking provided by Google. A major benefit of this is developers can leverage the vast community of developers who are legal to help aspiring developers with their queries. Developers can easily ask questions and get suggestions.

Optimal web application management:

Designers and web developers are normally required to break down the code into three major components, this brings model, view, and controller. Because of this, it becomes easier for the developers to manage the web application and code the necessary programming logic into it. this makes it easy for developers to overall manage the UI part of the web application using this MVC model.


So you see we have discussed all of the features that angular.js provides to web developers and designers . AngularJS is a superb framework for allowing developers to deliver and develop dynamic applications according to today’s standards. Because of its feature-rich objectives, developers should not be able to depend on any third-party tools and framework to deliver robust features. They are able to save a lot of time and effort while working on several projects using Angular.