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Freelancer VS Mobile App Development Company Which One is Best?

Mobile applications have become an integral part of every successful business. So, if you still don’t have one for your business, you are missing an important part of modern business operations. But, there is a controversial question which often let people in confusion.

Today, we will try to clear those controversies here. Have you still not understood yet which controversy we are talking about in here? Well, we are talking about the age-old controversy cum confusion of mobile app development seekers;

“Freelancer VS Mobile App Development Company: Which one is best?”

To understand the answer to this question, you have understood what and how they provide to their clients.

So, let’s start decoding the controversy without wasting any time.

Decoding the controversy of mobile app development

1. Service quality and dedication


A freelancer can be called a one-man army. He/she will be responsible for the entire project you assign to them. Mostly, they tend to work on several projects at a time. So, they fix their own priority according to which they deliver their project. It is never a healthy choice for an organization to hire someone like that especially when they have specific bandwidth limitations.


One of the best advantages of hiring a mobile app development company is they have their own in house team for different development works. So, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a company that provides android app development services or iOS, you can get it all from one. Also, you do not have to worry about missing deadlines as they have a specific team, especially for your project.

2. Skills and knowledge


Even if a freelancer is skilled and erudite, everyone has their limitation. So, there will be a point when a freelancer will be stuck in their work. Mostly, they depend on the developer’s communities and forums to get answers. It is an uncertain and lengthy process. Also, it is a rarely found quality in a freelancer to have such skills.


Reputation is one of the prime factors that matter the most for a company. So, they always hire specialized and highly skilled developers in their company. Giving your project to a team from one such company ensures quality in the final result automatically.

Prices and contract


Though hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a mobile app development company but it comes with a cost. Mostly, it is really difficult to find a freelancer who provides a valid contract or fixed price. So, even if the work starts at a cheaper price, it sometimes ends higher than the company’s prices. Also, a common problem that almost every freelancer hirer comes with is an incomplete project. Most of the time the freelancer left the work in the middle because of their other engagements without any warning. If you face such a thing, you will lose both money and time.


When you are hiring a reputed mobile app development company, there is no need to worry about such things. Most companies offer a customized mode of payment. You will get both fixed price and hourly based payment option from them. Your entire project will be completed within the quotation and according to the contract unless you demand something extra. This will help you to get your project done within your budget.


From the above, it is very much clear that hiring a mobile app development company is always better than hiring a freelancer. If your idea is one in a million and you need the right mobile app development partner for it, make sure that you look at these points very intricately. Just make sure to follow some guidelines while hiring a development company as discussed in our previous article, that’s all. Remember to acquire the optimum result, always go to the professionals.