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Getting started with Elementor – Web Development

WordPress is, just like Shopify, a vast domain full of challenges. It takes more than a drag and drop to build a cool website and all of us know this. In fact, it takes a lot of experience to build and rank a site on Google. If you want to use Google Ads, that’s another story. However, for this, too, you will need to customize the platform and make it more likely to convert. So which is the best site builder plugin, a builder which actually makes your site convert?

There are many plugins and even more add-ons for these plugins. Visual Composer is just one of them, just like Bakery Builder or Elementor. Nevertheless, none of them has so many features and functionalities like Elementor. With this one plugin, you can basically build whatever you want, in no time. Effortlessly. In other words, it’s that one plugin to rule them all.

How to use Elementor?

In order to use it, you have to install the plugin. You can do so from the WordPress Plugin Manager (Plugins-> Add New). Then click on “Activate”.

When you install it for the first time on a site, you have two options: Create Your First Page and Watch Full Guide.

If you are a beginner, our recommendation would be to watch the full guide, as they explain some awesome stuff there. Begin then by creating your first page.

Getting started

In order to use this plugin correctly, you first need to go to the principal settings section.

From here, you can:

Write and hide the title of your page

Publish your page

Add a featured image

Change the page layout

If you go to the Style section, you will see the Body’s style. You can select the Background of the page’s type, as well as the padding. If you want all the padding directives to be the same, leave it as it is and just write down the values. However, if you want to write different paddings, click on the link icon in order to unlink them all.

The “Advanced” section of Elementor will allow you to customize the body of the page. But in order to do so, you will definitely need Elementor Pro.

Yoast SEO is also integrated with this plugin, so feel free to have a look now and then to see if you comply with all the rules of SEO.

At the end of your site building journey, you can check with SemRush to see if you have any errors on your site and try to fix them. After all, building a site and not getting it in front of potential clients makes out of it not worth it. Business is about revenue, isn’t it so? So start optimizing the site, too! You can take it step by step, beginning by the technical problems, then go to on page section, fix all the aspects. The final step would be to build the backlinks. If you, however, feel that SEO isn’t right for you, you can always try Google or Facebook Ads, but this entirely depends on your business. You can also try out LinkedIn, however, note that some businesses aren’t made for this type of Ads.

To sum up

In conclusion, Elementor is the type of plugin that you need in order to create a stunning website. It is user-friendly and you can build personalized pages for each type of site. Customize your ecommerce store or services site as you wish, just make sure it’s SEO friendly. What’s more, Elementor has lots of Add-Ons and they will help you build the perfect website. If you want to see even more awesome plugins, try EffectIO !