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Graphic Design Trends Shaping Web Designing In 2021

It would be an understatement to refer to the year 2020 as normal. While life changed in general due to the onset of the global pandemic, the online world was also heavily impacted due to the lockdowns, social distancing measures, educational institution closures etc. However, this also increased the need for online shopping, seeking home entertainment, distance learning along with work from home etc.

This prompted people and businesses to adapt to the new requirements quickly with the incorporation of new trends and technologies. With intense competition for survival in the online space, the need to ensure survival prompted businesses to seek the services of a website designing company to enhance the security and user experience.

These companies and the latest graphic trends that are shaping the very concept of website designing in the year 2021 used by them, have vital implications that go beyond just having a good website design. They have a rippling effect on many vital matters like company branding, its digital marketing strategies, logos and other general illustrations.

Considering these requirements, the website design trends that are set to shape online and digital marketing in the year 2021 are:

  • 3D designs: This may not be a new concept but it has emerged to be a popular trend by making most of the technical advances and enhanced software capabilities available today. Such technologies as virtual and augmented reality and their use to enhance the high-performance of UI web apps and designs, increased internet speeds, availability of amazing off the shelf software; all point towards an increase in the use of 3D for web designing. The point is not to create stunning creations of artistic merit but to ensure user engagement, hold their interests and attention for longer periods, vitally affect bounce rates etc.
  • Emoji designs: This ubiquitous pictogram helps website designers impart emotions to statements, websites and the printed media in general. The emoji has attained great popularity to become the almost central feature of every conversation, especially those that take place on popular social media platforms.

When used in web designing, these emojis help lightens the mood, communicate underlying feelings and create a connection with the audience easily. To facilitate this, the year 2021 is set to see them being used in different creative and imaginative ways.

  • Designs inspired by nature: While the rise of soft, organic and natural designs has been slow but steady to date, the year 2021 is all set to see modern designers mimic nature in a big way. The use of natural softer lights, earthy tones and colours, colour schemes using natural gradients, flower lines etc., are becoming increasingly fashionable. The fact that these nature-inspired designs fit in with the general trends of minimalism, muted illustrations and colour palettes has made it all the more popular.
  • Designs using optical illusions: This is a very addictive, clear and magical concept, one that is being extensively used this year by web design agencies to increase web traffic. This year will see a lot of web designers go all out with this fashion especially when planning websites for brands related to strangeness, spirituality, any idea of movement etc. Brands that are seeking to stand apart, gain a fix in public memory or even incorporate a wow factor to their websites stand to gain substantially from using illusion designs for their websites. However, a web design agency also has to be a bit cautious when using optical illusion designs since over-compilation will do more harm than good.

• 3D typography designs: Typography, as a trend, started in the year 2020 with several web designers incorporating playful and funky ideas and concepts into their website designs. The viewers were also taking to these designs in a big way. However, this trend is expected to continue in the year 2021 but in the form of 3D typography designs. The incorporation of ultra-realistic lettering that will prompt viewers to reach out and touch, animation, pattern, texture etc., will help this trend evolve into an innovative symbol of graphic design. Websites designed using 3D typography designs are thus slated to become fashionable, stunning and imaginative in ways that will influence the overall website visibility in a big way.

The online world is seeing unprecedented growth but it is also fast becoming a world where survival hinges on staying at the top. It is a place where tastes keep changing fast and technology is ever-evolving. Thus to ensure the survival of businesses they have to capitalise on these rising graphic design trends.