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Have You Earned 2x Your Business in 2020 Through Social Media

2020 has been a sluggish year of the century, where businesses fell, people all over the globe got infected, which in turn pushed the daily humdrum to a standby mode. But, if you agree with me, I would say that social media has broken its parental shell from being just a medium to being a gateway for businesses and people to connect. Now, social media has become an impediment tool to out-perform one business and brand for a better reach.

Social Media is Much More than French Fries and Burgers

Social media marketing agencies spend more than 24 hours churning the best ideas. Every day, they have a kick that they should get something unique out on the platter. So be it McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, or any other; every day they work upon their strategies, keeping in mind their competitors’ weaknesses and targets they are focussing on.

Be it any menu additions or revamp of offers, social media has worked hard every day to get the highest engagement rates, receiving enumerable comments to drive better reach and engagement.

1. Creativity always rules the show in social: Be it unhealthy, junk fast food, or poor customer care, social media can make everything look superb. According to BrandBaston’s analysis, apart from positive comments by the brand from the potential customers, 79% were only focussing ad creative.

2. Social marketing is always free: Be it a selfie with your favorite whooper or Instagram Reel with your loved pizza, social media has extended a unique platform that helps brands/businesses to achieve 1.9x love and shares.

3. Lend your Ears to Social Media: Even if you hire one of the best social media marketing companies in India, you need to lend an active ear to the feedback that you receive from your social media channels. As put by Bill Gates, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” So, you have a catch to follow.

How did Social Media Help to Earn 2X of Business?

1. Humanize Your Brand

Yeah, if you want to sound original among your audience, you need to look more human. Social media brings out the best strategy to amplify the originality of the brand. To connect with customers, you need to show the human side of your brand. You need to showcase the points which your customers are finding in your brand. How are you looking for the best interest of your customers and employees?

As said by the UK Study from Trinity Mirror Solutions, adults or any set target audiences are deemed to show trust in a particular brand when they witness ‘real-world proof that the world is embracing. If you want to hire the best social media marketing company, do not forget to ask about the social media advocacy program. It is a great way to humanize your brand.

2. Establish your Brand as a Thought Leader

Whichever business and industry type you harness, social media strategizes to help and pave your business as a ‘thought-leader’ the go-to source of information on topics linked to your business or niche. Being a buzzword in the industry, thought leadership (when done right) can help to accelerate your brand. Through better establishment, you can figure out what you are an expert in, develop content that revolves around your business’s message and vision. Be consistent with what you do, do not cramp yourself, and understand how video can be used.

However, additionally, there are benefits to count while working for branding. This may take a good amount of time to create and get distributed but the result is outstanding.

3. Amplify Social Media Chatbot Communication

When it comes to communications, chatbot communications is the biggest thing that has evolved since 2020 and is still scaling for beyond. With things going online, nobody wants to listen or chat with generic chat results for solving queries. With the advancement of online results, AI-powered chatbots can precisely understand your query, concerns and offer the best solution within seconds.

With such technology over-board, brands don’t see any dependence on humans to chat 24×7 which happened before. AI-powered chatbots integrate social media pages of different brands. Additionally, there is a bonus feature for brands and customers. With the onset of technology shown with AI, there is the added value of enhancing and strengthening customer relations.

4. More Brands gets AR and VR driven

As you may know that 2020 has been a year of online purchases and eCommerce. With the spike in the trend, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have honed the change in the style that has offered user-experience. With the onset, enumerable eCommerce brands across the globe have adopted AR-powered shopping which allows users to try on products before final purchase.

Additionally, it has also been seen that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others allow users to try their new filters to click and create videos or share them across the media for better reach.

5. User-Generated Content has Experienced a Boost

If you want to welcome the original form of content, you need to have user-centric content that focuses on your target audience’s needs. Many brands have started incorporating user-generated content as social proof of the quality of their products or services. Additionally, it is also vital to promote such crowd-sourced content that brands businesses with native content styles. This is considered the most trusted form of content that businesses can have for themselves. It further enhances the engagement rate which pushes customers to interact with the brand.

If you hire a social media marketing agency, do not forget to ask about this.

6. Video content continues to Bloom

This is one of the most interesting forms of content that is attracting maximum viewership nowadays. Brands are shifting their native genre of advertising to create content that has maximum power to like and share among other mediums. Many brands are also thinking of introducing premium quality video content that is well optimized and accredited to engage the target audience in no time.

After the massive success of the video-based applications, TikTok and Instagram has introduced a similar feature in their platform very recently. You must know about Insta ‘Reels’ that allows users to record short videos. Additionally, there will be more social apps that revolve around making and sharing videos.

7. Increase Brand Awareness

Social media helps to amplify brand awareness without any hiccups. With the advancement of online media, people getting connected with social media is great for one’s brand as this helps to encourage your business. 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products and services through the Instagram Platform.

8. Promote Affiliate Products

Yes, social media is the house of everything. Be it selling or buying and now becoming an affiliate to a well-established business. Yes, you read this right! Through social media, you can also earn by just actively promoting your business. Also, make sure you disclose your affiliate relationship. Additionally, you also need to check the spam links that are used over Twitter and hoping for the best to promote affiliate marketing through customer reviews.

9. Create an Audio List of Products and Services

There is nothing you cannot do with social media. Create an ebook, audio samples, and more so that you can reach out to larger audiences at a single point in time. Not only reaching, but you can also sell your products to the right audience through social media. So make PDF, MP3, or video files for better exposure.

As with anything, quality is key in deciding with which people can interact with your brand and would love to get associated. If you want to experience a peak in sales, you can include creating content that is interesting and relatable at the same time.

10. Promote your Coaching and Consultation Services

Social media is a great space to encourage your talent to the outside world. Whether you are a sports teacher or a psychiatrist if you want to experience a jump in your audience, you can have a good hang in the social habitat that will make you know your online audience better and in real-time. A coaching session can be conducted over Skype, so it is a good space to reach out to millions without leaving your home.

This strategy is helpful while you also sell your products in the electronic medium like ebooks or audio clips so that every audience group can connect you in real-time.

Added Value of Social Media Marketing

Being a part of digital marketing there is always an added value over social media. Because this helps to meet your online audience at large. This includes:

  1. Create brand recognition
  2. Develop conversation around your brand
  3. Learn to listen to your audience through social marketing
  4. Tell your brand story
  5. Gather information of audience to reach better.

Social media has been a turn-key to open new avenues for businesses. If you insist on welcoming new footfall, this is what you want for 2021. So, go creative and cool to maximize traffic on your web.