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How AI Technology Has Transformed Various Industries?

In recent years, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence has dramatically reshaped the consumer experience across various sectors and almost all the major businesses are providing some type of AI-centered experience to the customers. Therefore, learning AI technology for engineering graduates can have utmost benefits as it not only opens up new career opportunities in different industries but they can make the most of the AI to build the necessary skill base which can help them achieve the desired professional growth in their career. Thus, the best engineering colleges in India have introduced academic programs in AI. Some of the industries that have benefited through AI application are as follows:


AI technology has been of great use especially for hospitals as it can provide better preventive care to patients. More effective follow-up care based on the current condition of the patient along with shorter hospital stays has become possible due to AI. Physicians can receive real-time biometrics information on the devices as they are linked with patient history. Further better diagnosis of the disease is possible and best treatment options can be recommended. Applications powered by AI are helping people in the proactive management of a healthy lifestyle.


AI-based smart solutions enable the manufacturers to tailor their services after analyzing the customer’s taste and preferences. AI can help with better product designing, thereby improving and optimizing the manufacturing process. AI systems can also help in detecting potential quality and maintenance issues. In addition to this, real-time data usage of the customers can be analyzed to analyze their experience with the product. Having professionals who can analyze all these are in great demand and therefore, most of the top b tech colleges in India are now introducing AI-based academic programs in their curriculum.


Be it school, college, or university, AI technology has greatly benefitted all these by providing newer and enhanced ways of learning. The technology can improve the classroom experience of the students. Right from teaching to designing assignments, issuing certificates all can be done with the help of AI.

Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence has been proved to be extremely helpful for the real estate sector and they help in gathering, processing, and predicting data based on the information. 3D models of the buildings along with 360-degree virtual tours can be designed along with planning the stages, the construction process, and post-project completion activities.

Supply Chain Management

The implementation of AI in the supply chain management industry is very effective as applications powered by AI technology can assist in streamlining the various processes such as procurement, supply chain planning, augmentation, warehouse management, logistics, and shipping the product. The industry has a vast scope in the future as AI can help in resolving many issues and challenges that are generally faced while carrying out different operations.

Cyber Security

In the current cybersecurity landscape, most of the companies are struggling to secure their confidentiality from possible cyber attacks.AI experts can help in predicting well in advance the possible cyber threats that could harm the company. The implementation of AI-based advanced security measures can help organizations safeguard themselves against such threats.

All in All

Understanding the benefits of AI technology for various industries, it can be said that engineering graduates who are learning this technology have immense career opportunities not only in the field of information technology but in other industries also. The course is gradually gaining popularity and some of the best private engineering colleges in India such as Arya College have initiated academic programs such as b tech in AI and Data Science.

Arya College Jaipur was established under the aegis of All India Arya Samajis Society for Higher & Technical Education in the year 1999 by the founder chairman Er. Shri T.K. Agarwal, a great visionary, from Roorkee University always believed that engineers builds Nation. In his quest for glory and pride, he established the first private Engineering College in the Rajasthan state