How can I learn web design in 2020

How can I learn web design in 2020

To become a web designer, you need to have some of the following skills. If you do not have web design skills, then there is no need to worry because these skills can be taught. Let us know which are the skills that can be learned and become a good web designer.

1.Desing sense


3.Javascript & jquery

4. Responsive design


6.CMS (content management system)

7.PHP, ASP, java (optional)

Let us now know about all these in detail.


Design sense is a type of soft skills Before making any product, plan it. And help us to create its blueprint Does. Of course, if becoming a good web designer If you want, then your design sense should be good. If we are talking about web design, then to design a good website, we have to take care of many important things like-

◆ Colour Palette

◆ Typography

◆ Layout Desing

◆ Image (correct usage of)

◆ UX (user experience) etc.

If you feel that your design sense is not good, then you do not need to be distraught, you can improve your design sense by following some tips given below.

Now we observe things:

Just like you know that when we observe something well, only then we understand it properly, just like that you have to pay careful attention to the already made Desing.

Whenever you visit a website, pay attention to the following things.

● Layout structure

● Navigation design

● Fronts

● Images

● Icons

● White spaces between elements

Recognize the difference between Good and Best design.

If you want to become a good design, first you have to understand the difference between Good Desing and Best Desing.

If a design is good, then you should keep in mind what is there in that design, what element is there in that design, because of which it is different and better than. Besides, you also have to learn which type of design to use and which things you should avoid.


You can use the theme or template created earlier but to meet your client’s specific requirements, you will need some very coding skills.

Nowadays many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools have also come with which you can create designs without coding but if you know HTML and CSS then you can understand how that tool is working and This will give you more control over your design.

You can also work on only one notepad independently without any tool by learning HTML and CSS.

If you do not know HTML and CSS, you can curse them and also do online teaching on YOUTUBE.

3.JavaScript & jQuery

By the way, it is very important for a web developer that he should know how to write code in Javascript, but if you want to become a web designer, if you learn Javascript in addition to HTML and CSS, then you get ahead of many people in the competition. Can

With Javascript, you can make a simple HTML page amazing and interactive.

As a web designer If you do not know Javascript, then at least you must learn jQuery.

jQuery is a library of Javascript so that you can easily create some basic interactive things like fadeIn, fadeOut effect, form validation etc. And if you want to know more about javascript then you can learn from YOUTUBE.

4.Responsive design

Nowadays we have started using many different types of devices, in such a situation today’s time demands that your website should be responsive so that it can work properly on different sized devices.

5.Fron-end frameworks

A framework proves to be very useful for any web designer, it makes the job of designing easy and there is no need to coding the designer from the very beginning.

The front-end framework is a kind of pre-made collection of components (HTML, CSS, JS documents) which we can use on our website as per our requirement.

Although there are many front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, UIkit, Bulma etc. But the most popular among them is Bootstrap which is also very easy to learn.

6.CMS (content management system)

The content management system is a type of software that after installing on the server, we can manage the contents of our website very easily without any coding.

Have you heard of WordPress?

What is this WordPress now?

It is a CMS that manages to manage the content of the website, it creates a user-friendly environment from where the admin of the website can create, edit, publish and organize the web pages and other contents.

On CMS, you can extend the website’s features by installing plugins as per your requirement. For example, if you want to create an e-commerce website, then you can easily create a shopping site in a short time by installing a plugin named WooCommerce on WordPress.

Apart from WordPress, there are many other types of CMS like Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. They all have their advantages and limitations, which are needed only after knowing them well.

As a web designer, you should have a piece of good knowledge about these CMS so that you can use them properly if needed.

7.Php, asp, java (optional)

By the way, a web designer does not have to learn these advanced programming languages ​​but if you learn to code on these, then you can strengthen your career even more.

There are many other languages ​​besides PHP, ASP, Java, Perl but if you become qualified on one of these then it will suffice for a web designer.

If you want to learn to programme then you can start with PHP and also learn MySQL for a database.

What is PHP, what does it do, and what is it used for?

” Well, PHP is a programming language and it’s used to build things for the web. PHP runs on the server, and so when you ask for a webpage, there’s usually some PHP going on in the background. This is a very normal install of WordPress. 

And as you could see, most of the files end with .php and you can kind of tell what they do. Here’s login.php, mail.php, signup.php, et cetera. Right there is wp-config.php, and it does things like, hold the username and password for the database. 

An extremely common thing that PHP is used for, is making it so you could log in and out of a webpage. This page we’re looking at here is plain HTML. But if I put credentials into it and hit login, then it’s going to send a request to the server, and PHP is going to talk to the database, and login. 

PHP is also what loads the content on your site in WordPress. If we look at our homepage of this site, you’ll see there’s a blog post here. All of this content is stored in a database but PHP says, “Hey, let’s go get that content, “bring it back here, and put it into this webpage”. 

PHP is also what’s used to extend WordPress and make it cooler and more powerful. This is the Plugins page for WordPress. This is where people can write some extra PHP and attach it to WordPress, to make it do more things. A very common thing to do is to create Widgets for WordPress. 

We have here the Digital Blasphemy Widget, and when it’s installed, we can go to the Widgets page and see it right here. And it’s installed right here. And we can choose One Random Freebie or the Latest Freebie. 

If we do One Random Freebie, and then look at our website, you’ll see that there’s a random free image right there. And if reload, we get a different one. PHP is the programming language that makes all of these things work. 

It’s the glue that ties together your content and the database and the web browser. Once it’s done its work, everything’s put together into a webpage. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, check out

What is ASP.NET? 

Well, it’s an open-source web framework for building fast and secure web apps and services within.NET. ASP.NET is also a cross-platform which is one of the biggest draws, which means you can run it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, basically anywhere. 

So this will allow you to build your ASP.NET web apps on any operating system, make websites with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and build these web services to be used by your site or in mobile apps. You can also turn your site sign into popular third-party apps for authentication like Microsoft, Google, Twitter and more. 

ASP.NET lets you make your web pages with a language called a razor. Now razors cool because it’s just HTML and C sharp. So you can type HTML and then type an at-sign and start writing C sharp.


So today you have learned in this article how to become a web designer and what to learn to become a web designer, we hope you have liked this article if you have any questions or suggestions related to it, then your thoughts in the comment box below