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How do I Reset Sling TV?

If nothing has helped you so far, the Sling TV problem could be the result of a damaged OS/firmware of your device. In this case, resetting your device to factory defaults may solve the problem. To illustrate, we will try to guide you on how to reset the Nvidia Shield.

Note: You must not reset devices such as Android smartphones. This solution only works for Sling Com Activate Firesticks and similar devices.

On the Nvidia Shield home screen, open Settings. Then select storage and reset. Now select Factory Data Reset and select Factory Data Reset to confirm reset the device. After resetting the device, check that Sling TV is working properly.

If the problem persists, try installing your router (temporarily) and check if it was the cause of the problem (either if you are using an obsolete router model).

If you are one of those users who use the browser to watch Sling TV, then the problem may be caused by corrupt browser setting/settings. In this case, resetting the browser settings to default can solve the problem. To create an image, we will guide you to reset the Chrome browser. Before moving forward, make sure your browser is up to date.

Launch the Chrome browser and open its menu (by clicking on the three ellipses standing near the top left of the window). After that, in the displayed menu, click Settings. Now, expand the advanced window (in the left pane) and click Reset and clear. Now click on Reset settings for its default and confirm reset settings.

After resetting the browser, check if Sling TV Activate is working properly.

Sling TV uses the user’s location to customize its content (and block where it doesn’t work). However, it will not work if it does not find the correct user location. In this case, switching your device’s location mode to GPS can solve the Sling TV Down problem. For clarification, we will guide you on how to change the location mode on an Android phone.

Exit the Sling TV app and force it off as discussed in the solution Launch your Android phone settings and select Location. After that, tap Mode and select Device only (using GPS). Now launch the Sling TV app and check if it works properly.

What to do if sling keeps buffering?

It is very easy to fix Sling TV buffering issues, and all solutions try to revolve around one thing which is to ensure that it works well in internet connection, as well as the interaction between your internet and Sling TV. Efforts to be taken are: –

The Sling Com Activate device must be properly set up and configured by route or any other internet connection in order for the Internet to be properly used on your Sling TV device. How to set up a device to establish an internet connection may be compatible with the device you have, and depending on the type of device you may have. The customer care manager can help you with the necessary setup, and configuration of your device.

Bad weather leaves you incapable of making any effort to fix the problem, and the only thing that can be done from your side is to wait until the weather, and it almost always seems that the problem is fixed automatically when the weather is clear.

Changing the location can also try as a buffering fix on Sling TV Activation.

If the problem persists then try to access some web content from other apps to check if the problem is for all the apps installed on your device, or for the Sling TV app only, and other online apps that work well. If possible, the only way to stay home is to contact CCE.

Lastly, you should contact your ISP about the problem, and ask them to fix this as soon as possible.

If the problem only occurs on the first station, open a case with a member of the Sling TV support team and try again later.

Do you see the pixilated video with the orange wheels rotating from time to time?

This is very common because the bandwidth found in the Sling TV program decreases temporarily, but it is also possible if the video is uploaded after switching to a new channel as the Sling TV down. This can have a variety of causes, e.g. For example, slowing down the Internet or temporary interruptions to content delivered to your device. If this lasts longer than a few seconds, try the following steps to resolve the issue: