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How eCommerce Chatbots Can Increase Customer Acquisition, Retention & Loyalty

According to chatbot statistics, 40% of online shoppers are most likely to interact with a chatbot if an online store has one. It means that e-Commerce chatbots offer an excellent opportunity to online retailers who want to delight their customers and drive more sales.

  • When RapidMiner, a data science platform, replaced its lead capture form with a chatbot, it resulted in a 25% increase in its sales pipeline.
  • Just Eat, an online food delivery service, revealed that having a chatbot on their app increased their conversion rate by 266%.
  • Tommy Hilfiger’s interactive chatbot increased its customer retention rate by 87%.

With these stats in mind, let’s find out how chatbots can help e-Commerce businesses serve their customers better, grow bigger & boost their revenue.

1. Increasing Conversions

The primary goal of every business is to increase profits. With feature-rich web development e-Commerce solutions, retailers can integrate a chatbot with their online store, mobile app, or business accounts on social channels and slide their shoppers down the sales funnel. With an interactive chatbot that assists your customers round-the-clock, you can easily engage your customers and influence their purchase decisions positively.

When OHRA, an insurance company, used an interactive chatbot to engage its customers on a relevant page, their conversion rate jumped from 35% to 100% in just a week of deploying the chatbot.

2. Cross-sell & Upselling

Product recommendation chatbots can also be used for cross-selling and upselling. They can present your shoppers with relevant products based on their past preferences and purchase behavior. Brands that personalize the shopping experience using a recommendation chatbot can quickly increase their average daily sales.

H&M, a leading fashion retailer, successfully implements chatbots to recommend products based on customers’ personal preferences. Shoppers can select pictures of clothes they like most. The chatbot accordingly suggests similar items that suit their taste and preference.

3. Automating Orders

This specific use case of chatbot works excellent for cafes and restaurants. By integrating chatbots in the brand’s social media profiles, store owners can provide their customers with a seamless ordering experience. Web development e-Commerce solutions can be reengineered to automate orders and make the journey quick and smooth. It also helps increase sales and customer retention.

Pizza Hut was the first brand to implement chatbots for automating food orders on Facebook and Twitter. This saved their customers a ton of their time and effort while enhancing their experience. Another excellent feature was that people could keep their favorite pizzas for hassle-free reorders. These bots also promoted discount offers and answered customer questions to increase sales.

4. Reducing Cart Abandon Rate

A lengthy and complicated checkout process is a crucial reason why shoppers abandon their carts midway. When your online store has an interactive chatbot to assist your shoppers, it makes the process faster and reduces the number of abandoned carts.

Remarketing is another excellent area where chatbots can be used to increase sales. Suppose your online shoppers add products to their cart and leave it at the checkout. In that case, the chatbot will remind them about the unfinished purchase and increase the chances of conversion.

5. Enhancing Customer Experience

Keeping up with today’s tech-savvy customers’ increasing demands, online stores are making the most of custom web development e-Commerce solutions. Today, virtual assistants are available 24×7 to help customers search for the right products and process their orders. Chatbots enabled with AI are also handling customer service and processing requests to offer a seamless shopping experience.

eBay, a popular online retailer, has employed a virtual shopping assistant that helps shoppers buy what they want. It gathers all the product details and specifications right from style and fit to color and size. The chatbot learns from every interaction and improves the shopping experience, thereby increasing engagement, conversion and retention.

Why Embed Chatbots in Web Development e-Commerce Solutions?

Given that online brands need innovation to survive in a volatile market, chatbots have become the go-to solution in this smartphone era. Powered with advancements in AI and ML, chatbots have become smarter, accurate & responsive. In a bid to create the top-of-mind recall, retailers are embracing interactive chatbots for their e-commerce and social media platforms.

Moreover, chatbots are particularly valuable in the wake of the global pandemic. With ongoing restrictions and new challenges, custom web development e-Commerce solutions can make it easier for you to manage your online store while offering a stellar shopping experience that turns your first-time visitors into repeat customers.