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How to Become a Successful Android App Developer

Android is a mobile multitasking operating system used in tablets, smartphones, consoles, readers, TVs, and even domestic robots. Android is an extensible, flexible and friendly operating system. You can develop any kind of application through Android Development. Android Studio is the platform where you write the code for the development of the app. Nowadays there are a lot of applications available on the Google Playstore from where you can install any of the apps and will use them. If you want to develop your own application then there are some skills that you should acquire for it.

It is time to dive into the technical skills that an Android developer possess, especially when you want to start your career or find Android developer jobs at good companies.

1. Sounds Good Knowledge in Java, Kotlin or Both

The very first skill requires for Android App Development is to learn at least one of the two languages- Java or Kotlin. You should need a good level of knowledge of the syntax and structure of Java or kotlin programming languages, which means you have to be comfortable with Kotlin or Java.

You should understand the following concepts:

1- Object-Oriented Fundamentals (like class, object, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation etc.)

2- Variables

3- Loops

4- Lists

If you want to learn Android App Development then join the best online Android Development Course where you can build your Android App Development skill from basics.

2. XML Basics

XML is known for Extensible Markup Language and is mostly used in the development of web solutions. In addition to it, XML is also used for Android app development as well. XML is an essential skill to master not only for Android App Development but also for Web Solutions.

3. Vital Android SDK concepts

Android App Developer must have good at using the Android SDK or Android Software Development Kit.

There are several areas you should be aware of:

1- Action bars

2- Fundamentals of Views, View Groups, and Layouts

3- Adapting apps for different screen sizes

4- User input

5- Storing data

6- Ways to get data from the web

Android documentation is a good source for understanding Android Concepts and you should familiar with it and various third-party resources that will help you to grasp any parts of SDK that are still unknown to you to explore.

4. Decent Experience with SQL

Most Android app needs to store data in some form, whether that’s the data of the app itself or user data. Due to this, your android app should be fused with any database so that you can able to store and manage the data.

This is the reason why many IT organizations are looking for an Android App Developer with hands-on SQL experience. Thus, it is a good tactic to have a knowledge of the database management system to increase your chances to be hired by the MNCs or good start-ups.

5. Knowledge of Git

Although knowledge of Git is not necessary, it is good to have a knowledge of Git. When you hired by any company and you are supposed to develop android applications then you will most likely need to use some kind of version control tool eventually. You don’t have to be an expert in Git. It’s enough for you to be aware of the basics of Git, like creating and using repositories and knowing how to commit changes.


Android App Development is a field that is highly competitive. If you want to go ahead in this field and get the best Android career opportunities, you need to improve your skills continuously. You can join the right online Android training . It can help you get the required technical knowledge and move ahead on the right career path.